Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society extraordinary elevenses meeting

Held on Saturday 17th March 2007 in Ambiguity, 66 Sherbourne Close

present: Jack, CGM, Owen, Lisa, Beetle

  1. meeting opened 4:10-ish
  2. We have a lot of archives (including this paper)!
  3. Article-Martlet-Spring 2000: votes to censure Anfoni for saying Poohsticks doesn't require much skill – carried
  4. A list of archives is started, so I won't write the stuff here.
  5. votes to commend the Society for keeping a Useful Pad of paper in the archives: carried
  6. We debate the necessity of scanning postcards.
  7. Owen finds some poohsoc(k)s.
  8. Bayesian (sp?) probability?
  9. Alex comes to rescue me (Piglit) from the minutes.
  10. Censure Jon-J for still not having contacted the society.
  11. He spoke to JV at a party once, but the latter was very drunk and trying to get off with somebody at the time.
  12. Jack digs himself into a hole.
  1. John-J is still about.
  2. It's a bit worrying that we all understand each other.
  3. We have to read last week's minutes at some point; carried.
  4. Everyone has the backing of God, although we have the backing of Winnie-the-Pooh, and that's similar.
  5. Sheila has risen from the dead, and is claiming vigourously that it never died, and Jack thinks this worked well for Jesus but the secretary is not so sure.
  6. Evangelising is better than evangelism.
  7. Owen has brought surprises.
  8. for commending Owen on bringing Surprises: 3 for – carried
  9. against commending Owen on bringing Surprises: 2 for – carried, but not by as much
  10. Anna didn't know what instruments we needed.
  11. “How do we invite dead people, by the way?” – Anna
  12. Jack has a problem with his Surprise.  I think.
  13. Censure Neil: 2-0-3; carried.
  14. commend Lisa on her crayon recognition: carried, with Dragons
  15. dragons: 4-1-0; carried
  16. breathe fiery breath on Owen: 2-1-2; carried
  17. Lisa's crayon works, and it's green.
  18. Lisa reads A Poem About A Hovercraft
  19. Somebody has turned Jack's light off by shooting it.
  20. Owen should make Sandra Bullock available to Alex: 3-2-0; carried
  21. We've got a photo of her on the back of Eeyore somewhere.
  22. Lisa attempts to open Sandra for Alex.
  23. “Well, she is quite attractive, I wouldn't mind...” – Lisa.  The rest of the sentence is lost as Lisa gazes at the actress in her lingerie.
  24. If Lisa is going to do it on Jack's couch, she should aim for Owen.
  25. They are identical, and with bananas.
  26. Lisa's hands are getting sweaty.
  27. It might say diary instead of dairy.
  28. Lisa has been watching us sitting here, so she knows that none of us have just tried to break into a car.
  29. Minute that.
  30. It's a tummy hat.
  31. Jack lifts up his shirt for Lisa.
  32. We can all bear arms anyway.
  33. Censure both Giles and Lukshmi for the red cash box not appearing at the AGM: 3-2-0; carried
  34. Jack is attacked by one of the toys.
  35. “You may or may not wish to say colon, rather than making a colon noise.” – Jack
  36. Jack then demonstrates a colon noise, at Lisa's request.
  37. Anna can't read numbers (again).  Or possibly she can't read them, but can guess them very accurately.  Owen suggests that perhaps she can read numbers, just not correctly, but Lisa points out that this is not possible, since we had a vote on it.  See minute No. 18 from 27th January.
  38. Jack accidentally suggests doing something disgusting to the labels.
  39. Jack's mum beeps.
  40. Jack's monkey is unstable.  No, Jack's monkey is fine and Lisa's monkey is unstable.
  41. Jack's washing machine produce some disturbing noises when he enters the kitchen.
  42. Before we had an e-mail mailing list, we sent out flyers to tell people where the meetings were.
  43. Beetle offers his little pink thing to Lisa, but it is refused.
  44. We could probably stop inviting
  45. Censure Beetle for unwarrantedly raising people's hopes about a lamp: 3-2-0; carried
  46. Censure Beetle for talking to people other than CGM; 0-3-0 + 1 panda; carried
  47. Beetle reads minutes of 10th March, and CR votes for on minute No. 9.
  48. CR votes for the hung motion, minute No. 16.
  49. Beetle censured if he repeats the pun about talcum powder: carried 3-0-2
  50. Beetle repeats pun and thus is automatically censured.
  51. censure newspaper clippings for being From Newspapers: 1-1-1-1: against by CR
  52. “Owen, you're too old.” – Lisa
  53. Alison thinks Harry P. has redeeming features.
  54. censure the emotion expressed in the drawing: 4-0-1; carried
  55. Lisa still thinks the gold ones are special ones, and eventually she'll she red ones again, but she's not sure this is true.
  56. Beetle licks his virtual pencil while he tries to remember how to spell “paraphernalia”.
  57. Maybe Owen has, maybe he doesn't.  And some of us can't.  That's just the way it is.
  58. censure the coastguard for failing to bring the texts: 4-1; carried
  59. Since we defeated Sheila, we should take their Sudetenlands: 5 for; carried unanimously
  60. Lisa would like to have a war in which somebody destroys a country.
  61. ulterior agendae
  62. Unforunately Owen reads Lines and Squares, and nobody stops him.
  63. Owen is a pendantic whatsit: passed
  64. “Mmm, orange and cheesy.” – JV
  65. The president has found the minutes of 12th January 2001 and is placing them in the folder.
  66. The room was too full of people and loudness, so Piglet ran away.
  67. Some photos of objects are taken.
  68. Owen takes the big black box containing most of the non-minute archives.
  69. There needs to be another picture of Owen in rabbit ears on the web site: carried
  70. commend Owen for volunteering to scan some of the pictures: carried 3-1-1
  71. “I'm not very here.” – Jack
  72. If we go on a Pilgrimmage, we should replenish our coaster supply from Pooh Corner: carried unanimously
  73. Owen gives me another Suprise.
  74. We're abandoning Jack, and taking the meeting with us: 1 for, 1 against, 2 spoils including no pandas and 2 dragons
  75. Jack is amusing himself by twiddling Lisa's emotional knob(s).
  76. Lisa feels used, and possibly pavlovian.
minutes continued on Historic Pad.
  1. Beetle uses Jack's loo, to cancel out the tea.
  2. Lisa tries not to kill anybody.
  3. We don't commend the secretary on bringing a pencil sharpener because he was sharpening his pencil at the time and would have to write it down.
  4. People discuss pubs and bridges.
  5. Lisa & Beetle thank each other for bicycle-related matters.
  6. Beetle rants about his cycle map, and then tries to walk into some cyclists while writing down the minute.
  7. It's not the Pike & Eel anymore.
  8. A pheasant is a bit like a duck.
  9. “Owen always walks out in from of cars.” – Lisa
  10. We peer at the Dog & Pheasant.
  11. Beetle receives a call from Mother Beetle.
  12. a short discussion about thermal paste
  13. Beetle does the one-hundred-minute dance, and Lisa & CGM do it between them.
  14. The centre of Cambridge is Gardie's.
  15. n somethings, where n ∈ ℕ; n ≥ 2
  16. Beetle might have called a cat a parrot, or vice versa.
  17. Owen is not a bicycle.
  18. “That's good.  Owen wouldn't be nearly as much fun if he was a bicycle.” – CGM
  19. Beetle writes a minute, then catches up.  Then does it again.  CGM calls out to him.
  20. Some people are Taller Than Others.
  21. Lisa should be in CR (Owen)'s breast pocket: 3-0-0; carried
  22. Lisa says something that may sound intelligent, but possibly on closer inspection might not be.
  23. We stop at Clowns and park Beetle's bicycle.
  24. The president and the secretary have dinner together.
  25. People eat.
  26. Lisa & Owen are battery powered: passed by CR, but this may yet be rescinded.
  27. CR contests the veto: to be voted on at the next General Meeting.
  28. Jack is too much like Christopher Robin.
  29. Beetle goes skiing with pretty people.
  30. Beetle finds it annoying that he's talking like Jack all the time.
  31. Lisa demonstrates how to write an ‘f’ and make it look like a ‘b’.  I'm not going to scan this in because I really can't be bothered.  If you really want to see it, ask Lisa to do it again the next time you see her or look in the archives for the original of these minutes.
  32. CGM's jacket is purple: 2 for, 1 abstention, 1 spoil with dragon: carried
  33. Lisa confuses Alex with her hair, but she has trouble doing this when she cuts her feet.
  34. Beetle ignores the existence of transsexuals.
  35. censure people who build terraces, where every house on the street looks the same: 2 for, 1 abstention, 1 spoil with dragon from Lisa
  36. Lisa likes her reality being true, otherwise it gets confusing.
  37. “Can't we minute the waiter stalking you to give your money back?” – Owen
  38. The pen did a little dance.
  39. close meeting: 2-0-2; carried

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