Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society extraordinary elevenses quorate non-meeting

Held on Wednesday 28th March 2007 in Oldham Hall Common Room, Lucy Cavendish College

present: CGM, Beetle
apologies: Jack, Lisa

4:40 meeting open
4:42 while there are still only two members present, any motion that is seconded is automatically passed: carried
4:51 GMC is very confused.
4:52 Secretary will write down the previous minute: automatically passed
4:54 Great confusion arising from Beetle thinking that π comes between 2 and 3.
100:110001 new numbering system
100:111000 CGM likes peach π.  And lemon meringue π.
101:10 “That's not how you spell it in the mouth – in other words, pronounce it.” – Beetle
101:11 The secretary has an addictive minuting problem: automatically passed
101:1000 We wish Lisa to get better, for having the 'flu and for being in London.
101:10100 Many things are discussed, including events at Ambiguity, HDTV and crisp flavours.
101:11011 We discuss a card game which will remain nameless.
101:101100 It's much easier to clean it off the kitchen counter than it is to clean it off Council.
101:111010 We move to Small's room (even though Small is not here).
110:11000 Beetle should get drunk and forget it: a. passed
110:101001 Small's computer censured for not having speakers.
110:101010 Beetle suggests that all browsers should use scones instead of cookies, but Council is not sure.
111:101 Meeting nearly closed but vetoed by committee because we haven't had a reading yet.
111:110110 CGM provides photographic evidence of her Californian prirate boyfriend named Robert, and the secretary writes this down so's he doesn't forget.
1000-ish readings: Journey's End and Buckingham Palace
1000:1001 reading: Disobedience
1000:1010 Beetle has a fabricated memory that J. J. M. M. went and rescued his mother.
1000:1100 reading: The Emperor's Rhyme
1000:10101 www.gameskeeper.demon.co.uk
1000:11001 “The internet is for comics.” – Anna
1000:11011 Secretary rescues hat from chair.
1000½ reading: 1.IV: In which Eeyore Loses a Tail and Pooh Finds One
1000:101110 meeting closed by vote
1000:110010 The president points out that what we just had was quorate but not a meeting.

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