Minutes of Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which penguins and a straw bear are mentioned, and 2010 is the future.

Held on Saturday 16th January in Roseanna’s room, Newnham

Present: Carol, Annie, Ignatius, Sebastian, James, Roseanna, Max, Rob, Rachel.

Meeting opened: 4.19pm

  1. Katherine Kerr is discussed.
  2. The conversation turns to Neil Gaiman and the Dresden Dolls.
  3. We may be in the wrong company to say “ignore the pedant”.
  4. Night plumbers.
  5. I’m minuting and everything. 6-0-0-1 (*Carol knits*).
  6. Visitors can vote. 6-0-0-0.
  7. Most colleges don’t have any principals. 6-1-1-0.
  8. We discuss Eurovision.
  9. <sarcasm> Woo </sarcasm>. 3-3-0-1 (woot). CR is “for”.
  10. A book makes Annie dizzy.
  11. Can the temporal anomalies happen so I can have more time to do my work.
  12. Max, SHUT UP!
  13. “It has penguins inside.”
  14. We read Old Testament VIII.
  15. Rachel enters, having returned from Whittlesea Straw-Bear Festival.
  16. Insufficiant burning.
  17. The Reeve declares 2010 to be the future.
  18. 2010 is the future. 4-3-1-0.
  19. Ancient Rome was built out of Duplo.
  20. Ignatius has worn the secretary’s underwear. And got compliments while so doing.
  21. Ignatius looks to be plotting.
  22. James looked better in the leopard-print one.
  23. Unminuteable chaos.
  24. Close. 8-0-1-0.

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