Minutes of Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which someone would have gone properly “woo” but tea would have gone everywhere.

Held on Saturday 30th January in JJMMWDduP’s room, Burrell's

Present: James, Simon, Ignatius, Eor, Twillo, Alicia, Annie, Roseanna.

  1. Eor announces a dancey thing.
  2. We should decide on a date for the AGM. 6-0-0-2.
  3. The 20th of February is suggested.
  4. Will apologises for absence next week.
  5. Max has apologised for absence this week.
  6. Commend Will on such clarity of thought. 5-2-1-0.
  7. Sugar should be provided for tea. 5-1-2-0.
  8. Like Bailey’s, but actually chocolate flavour.
  9. I would have gone properly “woo” but tea would have gone everywhere. 4-1-0-1 (woo).
  10. 13 year olds are a gestalt consciousness. 3-1-0-4 (fewer; we are thirteen, we are legion; they can be annoying just by themselves; munch).
  11. We discuss religion and CICCU.
  12. “Jesus doed to save us from Vampires.”
  13. Alicia could make a patchwork cape and be the comfiest superhero.
  14. Ignatius traps people in James’ wardrobes.
  15. Commend Will for trapping Ed, James, and Simon in the wardrobes. 4-1-0-1 (EEK!).
  16. We read Old Testament II.
  17. Censure those outside the wardrobe for uncivilised behaviour. 6-0-1-0.
  18. Owl has an identity crisis.
  19. Ed read “Brownie”while locked in the cupboard.
  20. Conversation breaks up.
  21. “No hat erections”.
  22. “My hat is erect on its own, thank-you very much.”
  23. Censure for literary criticism. 2-2-0-3 (Please in a language I understand; I’ll critique your literature any time; in your end-o). CR “for”.
  24. We discuss epithets.
  25. “It’s not gay if it’s with Simeon.” 2-5-1-0.
  26. “I am disturbed.” 8-0-0-0.
  27. Censure Will for weird nicknames. 5-1-0-3 (Censure Billy Bumfluff for weird nicknames; JamJam loves WonnyWon; [...]).
  28. Yes, but they’re not in that position. 7-1-0-0.
  29. I’m just against the motion in general. 1-4-1-0.
  30. Drugs are discussed.
  31. *SIGH*
  32. Ignatius offers to host next week.
  33. Close. 6-0-0-0.

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