Minutes of Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which James could weld things onto skyscrapers, and we sit at Carol’s feet and worship her glory.

Held on Saturday 6th February in Ignatius’ room, Burrell's

Present: Eor, Simon, Carol, Alicia, James, Ignatius, Annie, Roseanna, Max, Jack.

  1. Ermintrude apologises for prolonged absence.
  2. “So what’s wrong with a viola then?”
  3. Carol throws something at Roseanna.
  4. Minutes.
  5. Cinnamon tea with rum: Carol says it doesn’t work.
  6. Ignatius has succeeded Eor as primary Ed.
  7. Ed is turning into Will.
  8. Carol wants to turn into an older, wiser version of herself; James wants to be a version of himself that can fly and shoot lasers from his eyes.
  9. He could weld things onto skyscrapers.
  10. We discuss the car that went on top of the Senate House.
  11. Chorus: “Star Trek; Captain Picard”.
  12. They compared crushes on Star Trek and it was all of them.
  13. That would just mean I’d have to commit seppuku. 3-5-2-0.
  14. Meh. 5-2-2-1 (hem).
  15. Sweeping the country is traditionally done solo.
  16. We shall get entire curling teams...
  17. We sit at Carol’s feet an worship her glory.
  18. “Oh no... it doesn’t want you to be a Mormon does it?”
  19. I don’t like paragraphs; there’s something shifty about them. 6-3-0-1 (the chairbeing disapproves).
  20. Kids unlimited is not what one expects from a day nursery.
  21. New Testament VIII.
  22. Classics chat.
  23. Exit Simon.
  24. The social issues of time-turners.
  25. Tactful/tactless... I get those muddled. 8-0-1-0.
  26. Exit Max.
  27. “There’s an anime there.”
  28. We discuss room ballots.
  29. Ignatius is powered by baked beans; bow before Heinz or you will die.
  30. Ed has been to the year 3000. The transport was good, but he put that down to being in Germany.
  31. It’s one step above platform level to annoy the disabled people.
  32. Annie and Molly apologise for absence next week.
  33. Close. 6-0-1-0.

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