Annual General Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which the new president skips very well indeed and the new treasurer will try not to embezzle too much from the society.

Held on Saturday 20th February in the Barbara White Room, Newnham 

Present: James, Carol, Eor, Simon, Annie, Alice [a sister], Will, Alicia, Ignatius, Roseanna

  1. Commend Alicia for hedgehog. 6-0-2-0.
  2. Visitors can vote. 8-0-0-0.
  3. Commend the ceiling for being held up by flying buttresses. 9-0-0-0.
  4. Will expounds the wondrousness of shaving foam.
  5. How do you cut off a beard with shaving foam? 2-2-6-0.
  6. James shaves with science.
  7. Eor reads “Cherry Stones”.
  8. Roseanna for secretary.
  9. Will for CR.
  10. Simon for Pooh.
  11. Ignatius for CR.
  12. Annie for President.
  13. Roseanna to clean mouth. 4-1-2-1 (We love it when you talk dirty).
  14. Eor for Charlotte.
  15. Roseanna for Rabbit.
  16. Annie for Under-Secretary.
  17. Handwriting off for Under-Secretary. 10-0-0-0.
  18. Remerge Press and Foreign Secretary temporarily.
  19. James for Under-Secretary.
  20. Simon for Treasurer.
  21. Roseanna need not minute for the moment.
  22. Treasurer’s report (via Ignatius).
  23. “Ooh, Dragon-Flavour!”
  24. Minutes of last week.
  25. Post of last week is de-mysterioused.
  26. Jack ‘phones us.
  27. It’ll be dry when I put it in the sugar; that’s thermo-dynamics. 9-1-0-0.
  28. The garden outside is a court of Pembroke College. 9-0-0-0.
  29. President: Annie
  1. She husts, much about tea.
  2. Her favourite tea colour is black.
  3. Her favourite colour of tea does not clash with her favourite colour of jam (red).
  4. Little world domination planning she has.
  5. Picard did not influence Annie’s tea choice.
  6. Her mother is NOT Picard.
  7. She does not hate Russians.
  8. She likes living dangerously (spoons in tea).
  9. She skips very well indeed.
    TESSA – 0
    Annie – Win.
  1. Secretary: Roseanna
  1. Her writing is better than mine.
  2. Favourite jam colour: green (lime).
  3. She’ll try to improve minute typing up.
  4. No context, except sometimes.
  5. 3.74m2 – amount of ground a groundhog could hog.
  6. Given no choice, she would lose to an opera hat.
  7. We can have skipping now, please.
    Roseanna – Wins.
    TESSA – Does not win.
  1. Under-Secretary
  1. We will spiral dynamically into the future.
  2. James appeals to the electorate.
  1. He can spell.
  2. He is not known for mathematical jokes.
  3. Ignatius: “Good point, sir, good point.”
  4. He has no opinion on anal.
  5. He can bake (mayhaps inedibly).
    James – Lots.
    Simon – Fewer.
    RON – None.
  1. There’s nothing wrong with anal. – Roseanna. 4-1-3-0.
  2. Treasurer: Simon.
  1. I will try not to embezzle too much from the society.
  2. We demand interest on embezzlement.
  3. Mostly sound moral character.
  4. No previous experience.
  5. Has passport.
  6. He could beat Stallone in the Governator in a fight.
    RON – Fewer.
    Simon  – More.
  1. Christopher Robin.
  1. Ignatius cannot beat film stars or Will.
  2. He reads.
  3. Fairly well.
  4. Jam – darkish red.
  5. He owns braces (probably). They are not blue.
  1. He can cope with many ties (as he demonstrates).
  2. Will promises future awesomes.
  3. He does not recall it, nor know what “ther” means.
  4. He thinks platonic bondage should be neither in PoohSoc nor around Roseanna.
  5. His braces are more bracing than Skegness.
  6. He would wear them to meetings.
  7. Jam – slight purple-red crossbreed.
    Ignatius – lots.
    Will – Some.
    RON – None.
  1. Pooh: Simon.
  1. He claims to be a bearof little brain.
  2. Hum demonstration – positive.
  3. Honey or condensed milk? Honey.
    Simon – Lots.
    RON – Few.
  1. Rabbit: Roseanna.
  1. Few pockets currently, many in general.
  2. Meowth superior to starting Pokémon.
    Roseanna – Wins.
    TESSA – Does not.
  1. The James: Alicia.
  1. She will make good honey and condensed milk sandwiches more often than necessary.
  2. She is very good with chocolate.
  3. She has a very minuteable eyebrow.
    Alicia – Win.
    TESSA – Not Win.
  1. James – “I didn’t lick it or anything.” 3-3-0-1 (Roseanna licking the chocolate off the end of her thumb). CR – “Against”.
  2. Will calls “Wissy-Kins” back indoors.
  3. Foreign-Secretary: Will.
  1. Will pouts better than last year due to practice.
  2. Will dances for votes.
  3. He would have relations with foreigners.
    Will – Lots.
    RON – None.
  1. Suspend while going to restaurant. General acclamation.
  2. Reopen meeting and close. General acclamation.

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