Pembroke College, Cambridge
Winnie-The-Pooh Society
Minutes of meeting 28th January 1995
(2nd after A.A.Milne's Birthday)

Present: Matt (host), Tor, Alex, Helen, Stephen, James, Angela, Christina (Tor's friend from Exeter) Andrew (Helen's friend from some other educational establishment...)

  1. James reads minutes of last meeting to dramatic music and lots of interruptions. Halfway through Alex carries on because James can't read her writing.

  2. Helen says the Dean doesn't like her. Maybe if she made a 'Blue Peter' beard to wear to Chapel he would.

  3. Five surpluses are missing from the Chapel Vestry, says Alex. Who would take a surplus?

  4. James reads the reading, 'In which Eeyore loses a tail and Pooh finds one', from 'Winnie The Pooh'.

  5. James says "Stop it Tor!" and then squeals "0i!"

  6. Tor makes the usual stream of 'comments' about the story.
    "What's a bear pull, James"
    "You don't want to worry about that my dear..." (replies James)

  7. Helen proposes a vote of thanks to Matt, for the rather nice biscuits and also for shaving off his beard. James seconds.
    There is a problem with voting; there are not enough members present to be a corum. We have to propose the two guests as honorary members. But we can't because we're not a corum...

  8. Alex and Angela realise that as members of the praesidium they can vote by proxy for absent members.

  9. Richard still hasn't turned up. We need an EGM to sack him from his post of treasurer. Helen says it should be an RGM - Random General Meeting. Venue TBA - needs to be somewhere big. Suggestions were: Laundry room, Chapel, S4, Old Reader.

  10. James and Helen sing 'Cottleston Pie'. We all agree that this meeting is a series of random tangents.

  11. Vote for the guests to become honorary members: for:7 against:2 Abs:l. Motion held.

  12. James won't stop singing 'Cottleston Pie' so Tor tries to fast forward him with Matt's remote control.

  13. Vote for Matt's vote of thanks: for:6 against:O abs:2

  14. Matt gives a vote of thanks for the vote of thanks.

  15. We discuss silly rules about the AGM, when it should be held and the exact number of hours notice which must be given, etc....

  16. Helen thinks we should arrange an outing or something. A field trip maybe? Andrew says, "So we find a field and have a trip in it?"

  17. We consider having a Varsity Pooh Sticks match, The format would be a knockout tournament with teams of 8.



  20. Someone asks if Pooh Sticks is a half Blue event. Everyone suggests silly fractions of a Blue that it could be. James says it could be 215/380. Helen says, "Isn't that pi or something?

  21. James says you can tell Helen is a Classicist.' she doesn't even know what pi is. Conversation jumps to Helen's M.Phil.

  22. Andrew's college (Ballioll Oxford) has silly feuds with Trinity next door. He also says something about a Scotsman wearing nothing under his kilt.

  23. We discuss Garden Party arrangements, and who should be invited, The Queen Mother couldn't come last year, so Dominic was made honorary Queen Mother. We could invite Chris Kelly. Or Matthew Kelly.

  24. We wonder what the WTP soc. would do without James. Who would play the hosepipe? "Paul could," suggested Helen quickly.

  25. Paul arrives.

  26. Helen and Alex ask Paul when the second half of the FRED concert is so they don't miss the Dean's supper after the Candlemas service. Paul needs some more violinists. Apparently he offered some sort of, er, favours, to Nick Green if he would play.

  27. Everyone does random Sydney impressions, Helen says we could have a WTP 'Sydney Kenderdine Impressions' tournament.

  28. We talk about the Dean and his spurned love life.

  29. Paul throws tea bags around.

  30. Angela asks Paul if FRED can play Enigma Variations, but he doesn't like it. Has this guy no taste?

  31. Vote proposed to close the meeting. Paul uses his presidential power of vito so the vote must now have a 75% majority to be carried.

  32. Angela and Alex overthrow the vito as members of the Praesidium. Paul hands in his immediate resignation as president. What SCANDAL! Could this make the national news?

  33. Stephen is proposed as temporary president until the RGM. For:4 against:O abs:3. Stephen is temporary president of the society.

  34. Votes to close the meeting: for:3 against:2 abs:3. Meeting closed.

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