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Minutes of Annual General Meeting
1st in reign of James 1 (11 th Feb 1995)
Old Reader

Present: Huw, Dinan, Paul, Matt, Tor, Sarah, Angela, Helen, Anne, James (Long may he reign ...), Alex

Apologies: Vicky, Stephen, Ben (Having a haircut)

  1. James declares the meeting open.

  2. Dinan wants to know if James is a benevolent dictator.

  3. James wants Matt to overflow him.

  4. Tor screams. She kisses James' feet.

  5. Matt puts on a red nose and blows a party noise-making-type-thing. "I am the God of Chaos."

  6. James calls upon Honorary Christopher Robin to give a speech on the aims of the society, "I could just stay here and be normal but it's so overrated.

  7. Hustings for Foreign Secretary:
    Nominations: Stephen Catterall (nominated by himself, but our illustrious and benevolent leader granted that this be allowed)
    Yiannis lonnou

    Neither candidate was present to give a speech, so voting began immediately.

    4 4
    Stephen: 0
    Yiannis: 3
    It was decided to reopen nominations.

  8. Matt does his hamster face.

  9. RON for foreign secretary:
    Dinan proposes Stephen.
    Paul nominates Matt.
    Matt nominates Paul back.

  10. We randomly abandon this and begin hustings for President.
    Nominations: Paul
    James (Proposed by Paul)
    Tor (Proposed by Ben Grimiey)


    Paul: "On Monday when the sun is hot ......
    "The feeling in me grows and grows...
    "Who is what and what is who ......"
    Questions: What do you plan to introduce?
    Will you organise an expedition to the Star Of India?
    What is your inside leg measurement?
    Sarah - How much of a blue should a Poohstick be worth?
    Matt - What about the French?
    Tor: "Paul is silly so vote for me."
    Also because she's doing SPS she has nothing better to do with her time.
    Paul wants to know what qualities Tor has to help her in her post. Tor says she's lovely and wonderful and she will bring chocolate biscuits for everyone at every Pooh Soc meeting.
    Questions: Matt - What about the farmers?
    James: "Who stepped into the breach when we were presidentless?" (Stephen, says everyone else.)
    Apparently rivers of blood will flow and james will save us.
    "........ and so that's why I think you should vote for .... Tor!"

    While we vote, the candidates skip around Ivy Court.

    James: 2
    Paul: 1
    Tor: 7
    Abs.: 2
    RON. 0
    Tor is the new president.

  11. Tor gives an acceptance speech. "You're all lovely."

  12. As The James voted in the presidential election which is against his job description, the post of The James becomes vacant, Emergency nominations are called upon.
    Dinan and Tor nominate James.
    Paul nominates Angela.


    James: "We all make mistakes. Sorry."

    No questions.

    Angela: "Do you like my hippo? I also made the Hunny and Condensed Milk Sandwiches (The James' job)."
    Questions: Paul - What appendage would you use to vote with? (This was a petty attempt to trick Angela into saying she would vote, but it didn't work because you have to vote in order to abstain. Tor said it was just petty.)

    Tor says we should vote for Deputy James and whoever doesn't get it becomes The James.

    Angela: 6
    James: 2
    Abs.: 2
    RON: 0
    Angela is deputy James (as opposed to 'UnderJames')
    Therefore James is reinstated as The James.

  13. Hustings for Secretary:
    Nominations: Angela (Proposed by Sarah)
    Sarah (Proposed by Huw, her biochemistry supervisor, because she is so good at spelling words like protien/protene/proteen ... .... whatever...


    Sarah: "I don't think I should be secretory because I can't spell and Angeia would do a much better job."
    Angela: She has a pen which is useful for things like this, and also a handy computer in her room.
    "Vote for me because I'm really good..."

    Angela: 8
    Sarah: 1
    RON: 0
    Abs.: 1
    Angela is secretary, and Sarah is undersecretary.
    Sarah twisted her ankle skipping around Ivy Court during the voting.

  14. Tor gives a presidential commendation to Angela for the biscuit sculpture and the hunny & condensed milk sandwiches.

  15. Matt wants to be RON so he might get voted for.
    Matt for RON: 6
    RON for Matt: 6
    Abs.: 2
    RON.. 1
    Matt: 1
    (Try and add that lot up...)

    The post of RON/Matt is combined with that of official Hamster, Society Photographer, and lord Of Chaos.

  16. Matt puts on his red nose and blows his party thingy.

  17. Sarah resigns as undersecretary so that she can stand for the post of treasurer. (Proposed by Angela)
    Votes for treasurer: Sarah: 8
    RON/Matt/whotever: 1
    Abs.: 2
    Sarah is treasurer. She must get the stuff from Richard.

  18. Now we need an undersecretary.
    James proposes Russell. Helen suggests that Russell could be Oversecretary.
    Angela says that's disgusting. But definitely Undersecretary....

  19. Alex resigns as foriegn secretary to stand for undersecretary.
    Helen proposes Huw. (Not JQ Huw...


    Huw: Some random Welsh mutterings which the secretary could not understand. The James tells her to put down "Hey, boyo" and "Leeks are lovely". Huw says that he knows all the latest gossip so would be a good undersecretary.

    Alex: Thinks she can spell which is helpful.

    Huw: 0
    Alex: 0
    Huw&Alex: 7
    RON: 2
    Abs.: 1
    Huw and Alex hold the post jointly.

  20. RON resigns as foreign Secretary. We take the vote again.
    Stephen: 9
    RON: 2
    Abs.: 1
    Stephen is now Foreign Secretary.

  21. The James (Who has been chairing the meeting for today) advises the President that all posts are filled.

  22. Character names are allocated...
    Pooh - Paul
    Piglet - Tor
    Tigger - Angela
    Wol - Sarah (For her spelling talents...)
    Christopher Robin - Helen
    Eeyore - Matt
    Kanga - Alex
    Roo - Anne
    Alexander Beetle - Matthew
    Rabbit - James
    Trespassers Will - Huw
    A Heffalump - Dinan
    Rabbit's Friends And Relations - Honorary members.

  23. Helen has plasticine in her nails.

  24. James' penance is to arrange a Woozle Hunt.

  25. The Pooh Soc. pancake party is discussed. Possibly in Kiru's room; Possibly a pyjama party. James has no pyjamas so will have to wear his boxers....

  26. A Formal Trough is arranged for Wednesday 22nd Feb.

  27. Helen thinks we should invite Hugh Grant to the pancake party so she can see him in his boxers.

  28. Votes to close the meeting: 7
    Against: 1
    Abs: 1
    Meeting closed. Meeting in U8 next week.

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