Pembroke College, Cambridge
Winnie The Pooh Society
Minutes of meeting 18th February 1995 (First in the reign of Tor The Terrible)

Present: Dinan (Host), Sarah, Vicky, Stephen, Angela, Helen, Tor, Sara (Tor's friend), Kiru, Roger (rather surprised to find WTP in Dinan's room), Alex.

Apologies: Paul (cooking for dinner party), James (Gone to Grimsby), Alex (Will be late), Huw (Gone to Nottingham).

  1. Tor's friend is going to Pembroke, t'other place, next year.

  2. Helen has a rolled-up piece of paper on her finger to protect it against the extreme hotness of her coffee mug. She thinks she should patent and sell the idea.

  3. Dinan plays with his computer and a pair of headphones.

  4. Helen remarks that she dreamed about the Dean last night. Tor talks about his beard. Someone should shave it off when he is drunk as a jolly jape. Helen thinks we should only shave off half and then watch him try to lead Evensong standing sideways!

  5. Tor reads the last minutes in the absence of James.

  6. Helen and Kiru argue about U5, whose room is it/was it

  7. Vicky complains that she has no character name because she was not at the AGM. Tor says she should be Rabbit Droppings. Vicky thinks not.

  8. There is a brief constitutional argument about Tor's Presidency because she did not pay her Pooh Levy. Tor mentions that she did buy the Plasticine for the AGM which more than covers the cost. Sorted!

  9. We do not have enough money, so we need to impose another Pooh Levy. We don't know who has payed the last one because RICHARD HAS THE TREASURY ACCOUNTS, We talk about possible fundraising ideas. Maybe Richard could be fined.... Other ideas included: sponsored muggings, an indoor picnic, a sponsored hop around Ivy Court, a Pooh Ball.

  10. Angela reads the NT reading, from The House At Pooh Corner, In Which Tigger Comes To The Forest And Has Breakfast.
    "...... Pooh licked the candle..." someone says you can do that if you have an extra vertebrae. Tor and Sara collapse in giggles. This is getting worse and worse.

  11. Sara is honorary James for this meeting because she is even worse than him

  12. Tor guffaws.

  13. Angela goes to a rehearsal so Alex takes over notetaking. Angela has locked herself out of her room so has to get the key from the porters to get her cello for the rehearsal.

  14. Apparently one of the mens' boats went into the bank today...

  15. Kiru throws a clementine at Dinan and it splits in half.

  16. Formal Trough is postponed because of Halfway Hall.

  17. Tor and Sara are running away...

  18. Next meeting is in Sarah Jonas' room (W2). She says she will have to tidy it two days earlier than usual. The one after that is in Vicky's room. (H1)

  19. Did you know Dinan has a remarkably fine Gluteus Maximus?
    "I just have a tight ass" says Dinan.
    "Emancipated", says Sarah. ("Surely emaciated?" says someone else.) "You need to be emancipated before you leave your body to medical research." (I agree. Do you know how horrible it is to have to fight through several inches of fat before you can dissect out anything useful? - Ang)

  20. Sarah complains about Richard's non-attendance at meetings.

  21. Helen proposes that Dinan should be made the honorary Hugh Grant of WTP soc. on account of his sexy behind.
    For: 6
    Against: 0
    Abs.: 1
    RON: 0 Dinan is now Hugh Grant, to be called 'Sex God' to avoid confusion with Huw.

  22. Matt leaves to go to sleep. "I hope I'll be more perky next week."

  23. Sarah does not believe Huw can have any incriminating photographs. Helen and Alex bring up the 'Harem'..... We discuss Simon Williams and his persecution by HDL. Helen asks the pertinent question of why Simon applied to Pembroke. (I don't about any of this because I wasn't there. - Ang)

  24. While everyone talks randomly, Alex looks through the past minutes in Angela's folder. (According to Alex. I should be deposed for writing 'surpluses' instead of 'surplices' and 'Sydney' (a place in Australia) instead of 'Sidney' (ie. Dr Kenderdine). I think this is totally unreasonable - everyone makes mistakes. - Ang)

  25. Votes to close the meeting:6
    Against: 0
    Abs.: 1 Meeting closed.

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