MARCH 4TH 1995

PRESENT : The James, Paul, Sarah, Tor
APOLOGIES : No-one. (Very naughty indeed)

  1. Tor arrives at H1, alleged meeting place of the Winnie-the-Pooh Society for March 4th 1995 to discover an locked and presumably empty room . Very mysterious.

  2. Tor panics and decides she must have overslept until Sunday and has therefore missed the meeting.

  3. Paul arrives at 4:25pm and confirms that the day is in fact Saturday.

  4. Sarah arrives

  5. The James arrives, just in time to accompany the three loyal WTPsoc members to the Copper Kettle (the only possible alternative venue). Paul the ever-generous EX-President buys tea and cake for everyone.

  6. James reads the minutes of the last meeting in his usual and beautiful manner.

  7. Paul finishes his cake 2.43 minutes after buying it, and 25 minutes before everyone else.

  8. James discusses dribbling from various orifices.

  9. Huw has let slip in the minutes that he uses a computer to spell check his work. This comes as a shocking and hypocritical revelation given his earlier mockery of Sarah's spelling abilities.

  10. Tor's perverted interpretation of last week's stories is commanded by James and Paul.

  11. James and Paul try to recite the tiddly-pom poem and fail miserably.

  12. Tor suggests a vote of thanks for Paul's purchase of the food - 2-0-1. James delivers the grovelling thank-you to Paul, who cackles like a witch with indigestion.

  13. Paul pathetically tries to claim that the president is nasty to him. What rubbish.

  14. Instead of a reading Paul and James try and remember all the rude sentences from the stories. James almost remembers "James, James etc..." Not bad for a lawyer.

  15. The meeting degenerates into a 'who-can-remember-the-most-quotes-from-any-of-A.A.Milne's-writings?" competition.

  16. The next Garden Party is discussed, somewhat prematurely, and the possibility of a hosepipe quartet is suggested.

  17. James invites Paul back to his room.

  18. James reverts to his dictatorship and orders the president to be nice to Paul. A civil war is narrowly avoided.

  19. A further Fred concert is discussed, although why anyone would want to play or listen to a Beethoven symphony is totally beyond me...

  20. The important and highly debatable issue of whether or not there are any hills in Cambridge is discussed.

  21. The conversation moves even further away from Winnie the Pooh to the birthplaces of the assembled members.

  22. The tea has gone cold so there is a vote to close the meeting. Unfortunately there are not enough members present to be a quorum, so the meeting is left open until next week. It is assumed that the meeting will take place in Hl as was originally intended for this week.

  23. The minutes are typed up by the multi talented president (actually it's my first time using the computer for anything other than email!)

P.S Just in case you were wondering, the choir trip to Kent messed up the Secretary's pigeonholing, and a further series of complicated misunderstandings led to a general assumption that the meeting had been cancelled. Never mind, better luck next week or this could become the longest Pooh meeting in the Society's history ............. To be continued ............

P.P.S To continue Huw's amusing spellchecking changes, the society should be renamed the Winnie-The-Poop Society. Hee hee hee.

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