Minutes of the Winnie-the-Pooh Society meeting, 27th January 1996

held in the Gyp-room of no. 2 Pembroke Street, Cambridge.

Present: Alex, Vicky, Jon, Tor, Craig, Steplien (possibly), Sarah, Helen (eventually).

Apologies: Huw (at the ROH), Angela (very busy, apparently), Timpani.

  1. Unable to find last weeks minutes we hear a selection of minutes from the past two years,

  2. Where is the green hat mentioned in the minutes of the EGM of 1994?

  3. A-ha. Tor finds last weeks minutes cunnigly hidden inside the Sood book, Angela has failed to type them up.... very naughty.

  4. Alex reads last weeks minutes.

  5. Craig looks mildly surprised when they mention his overwhelming desire to be WTP president.

  6. Sarah finds a list of people who signed up at the Freshers Squash in 1994. Only about two of them are now members, Our- Freshers Squash tactics must be failing...

  7. Tor reads "In which Piglet is entirely surrounded by water" from Winnie-the-Pooh. Sarah says she wants to read "Lines and Squares" instead. She is shouted down, and subsequently wails "Lines and Squares" for the next five minutes.

  8. We discuss what sort of noise donkeys make. Jon claims he once met a donkey. Vicky thinks he said he'd "wed" a donkey, Jon says its husband was present at the time...

  9. Vote for Jon to make his donkey noise:

    For: 4
    Against: 2
    Abstentions. 1

    Jon makes his donkey noise.

  10. Somebody's rice boils over. Alex eats the last Ginger biscuit.

  11. Tor criticizes The Master's (A.A.Milne's) grammar. Vicky doesn't think she is old enough to be told yet. We discuss how old Tor, Jon and Craig are, and who is older than who, and who is younger than who.

  12. Vicky thinks that the BBC should employ Jon to make Eeyore noises on Wildlife on One.

  13. Tor does her best to speak in italics and underlined-s.

  14. Sarah, Tor and Jon have a competition to read the last sentence of the story without taking a breath. Tor's last attempt is successful, if incoherent.

  15. Tor says Sarah can read "Lines and Squares" if she does it in one breath. Vicky says she can't stand it even then. Sarah is allowed to attempt the feat. Vicky moans "Oh no", and covers her ears with her hood and her scard (it says "Oh know" in my notes, but I think that was just me, er, mis-hearing it...)

  16. Sarah giggles and fails. Second attempt also unsuccessful. Vote to stop the reading of "Lines and Squares":-

    For: 6
    Against: 1
    Abstentions: 0

    Vicky emerges from her cocoon whilst Jon and Sarah fight over the book.

  17. Jon reads "Little Red Riding Hood" from Politically Correct Bedtime Stories. Little Red Riding Hood lived on her mother, apparently.

  18. Tor read Chicken Little

  19. Helen arrives claiming she is a little perplexed.

  20. Tor announces her surname is better than anyone elses as it has a 'z' in it. She says she wants to call her (hypothetical) twin children Foxy and Loxy.

  21. Jon invents a new word, 'Plagiary', which means the same as 'plagiarism'.

  22. Helen says the reason she was late is that she was entirely engrossed in a book on literary criticism. We agree that this concept is beyond our collective imagination. Helen also thinks she is going to die.

  23. Tor produces a packet of kettle chips.

  24. We discuss ICMS (otherwise known as CUSU-MS) poohsticks, and the possibility of sending Royal Mail sticks to the James, by recorded delivery, so that he has to sign for them. Helen suggests we send a stick to Chris Heaton in Japan.

  25. Tor suggest we have a Pooh Party for fundraising purposes. Wednesday 7th February agreed upon provisionally in 2 Pembroke Street.

  26. Votes to close the meeting: -

    For: 5
    Against: 2
    Abstentions: 1

  27. Votes to start the next meeting: -

    For: 5
    Against: 2
    Abstentions: 1

    Next weeks meeting to be held in Craig's room, R5.

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