Minutes of Pooh Soc for Saturday 3rd February

Present Huw, Tim, Tapani, Helen,Angela, Stephen, and Craig (cos it's his room)

  1. Apologies of absence from Jon, Alex (moving a house because it was in the wrong place) Chris and from Tor. Tor who came briefly to proove she could have been here if she didn't have better friends to see.

  2. Tor disappears, Huw and Angela (whose apologies having just been made) appear.
  3. 2a. The secretary presses the button labelled CANCEL, the minutes disappearing in a puff of beeping noises

  4. Helen bemoans the demise and condemnation of a dear friend (her faithful oven)

  5. A card is recieved from Damian's mum, with team hints for Pooh sticks

  6. A letter from the Right wrong James is read with much enthusiasm, until it is found to be quite long

  7. Crumpets are to be tested by the Pooh Soc tasting commite

  8. The world's first overland Pooh sticks are recieved from Kevin. It is decided to formaly reply and congratulate the winner, even though he didn't know he was playing.

  9. It is decided that short sticks travel fastest in the post, but the angle of entry to the post box is also critical

  10. The minutes are read by Tapani

  11. Matters arising from the minutes

  12. The reading is taken by Angezla from Chapter five of the House at Pooh Corner, in which Rabbit has a busy day

  13. Angezla proposes planting Haycorns at the seven acre wood to make it into our own hundred acre wood. Hzelen doesn't know how big an acre is butthink's nine acres is quite big

  14. One of Kevinz's sticks is a capital T in italics, which is obviously specially just for Tapzani (and Tzim)

  15. Helzen suggests a very sivilized breakfast party sometime Evryone warmly agrees

  16. 'Importantly' is a difficult word to say said Azngela

  17. The Emeritus Zjames's poem is read "a cross between very funny and pretentious bollocks "(said Hezlen) but we all like it

  18. Tzapani reads a poem about happiness and Johzn's waterproofs. Hezlen suggests a water proof party. Perhaps it could be combined with the breakfst party, but a more SENSIBLE idea is a summer porridge party. Porridge isTHE food in Finland.

  19. Tapazni's saucepan is missing, but Angzela's plates from a MATCHING SET are missing, but Hzelen's bedder has a unique vendetta against dirty glasses

  20. A date for our diaries 17 February a barn dance and stilt race in Hall

  21. Running short of things to do we have a discussion of Trnasubstantiation against Consubstantiation.
  22. As things turn from bad to worse (theology to philosophy) the secretary remembers the time.

  23. Other people remember the time as well, and as the meting has already lasted for a week Tapazni proposes closing the meeting. 4 fo, 2 aganst, and the Jamezs abstained.

  24. The next meeting is provisionally to be held in W10 at 3pm

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