Present: Tim, Tapani, Sarah, Craig, Stephen, Jon & his brother (also Tim)
Apologies: Vicky, and possibly Angela.

  1. Sarah & Tapani arrive 5 minutes late! Worrying.

  2. Craig arrives with last week's minutes and with a cold (tho' only in one nostril, he says.)

  3. Everyone else is late as usual.

  4. Tim's got the constitution which, however, is quite difficult to explain since the WTPS has not got a constitution. Aha. (You literalist, Tapani! Jon)

  5. Sarah's entered the Brian Riley Declamation Prize, and she wants to speak on linguistics... Interesting.

  6. Jon arrives with his brother. He, the brother, has blonde hair and looks quite unlike Jon.

  7. Tim is terribly worried about not having any cake to offer.

  8. Sarah tries to read 'Lines & Squares'. Tapani usurps the position of Secretary for a short moment in order to propose a vote on her right to do so. For, 2, Against, 4, abstentions, 0. Jon tries to influence the voting by making his brother vote too (I was trying to get him to abstain! Jon). The brother is law-abiding enough to point out his non-membership, and therefore fails to comply.

  9. Sarah reads the minutes. She wants to remind the secretary of last week's meeting that she did send her apologies, upon which Tim apologises. Her point is taken.

  10. Helen's got a new man! She might be late...

  11. Helen is reported to think Hugh Grant is sexy.

  12. Tim's off to buy a cake.

  13. Sarah goes into great detail about the anatomy of her skull, whose teeth chatter. Being the only medic around, she is not considered to be very interesting. She either doesn't mind or then she doesn't notice, as she fails to discontinue as soon as possible.

  14. Tim returns with a cake. The meeting is not very lively. Too many absences possibly.

  15. Sarah promises to try to book the Old Reader for the A.G.M. Tim thinks you must book it from the secretary's bursar (other way round perhaps? Jon). Nobody agrees.

  16. Tim announces his bid for the post of Pooh, and is shocked to discover that there will be hustings for the office.

  17. Sarah reads Chapter Six of The House at Pooh Corner, In Which Pooh invents a New Game and EEyore joins in. She reads very fast.

  18. Pooh's comment, "I'm coming!" arouses everyone's interest. The secretary privately wonders why this is so.

  19. Oh, I get it...

  20. Helen arrives.

  21. "You've got all wet touching him!" interrupts the reading once more. What a randy reading!

  22. "Someone bounces you loudly from behind," is spotted by Jon's brother, whose name hasn't been mentioned once so far (lies! Jon). Helen suggests he should be made honorary James. It is recollected that Angela used to be Under-James. Jon's brother interprets this as 'under James', and everyone thinks that James would have rather enjoyed that.

  23. Sarah tries desperately to reproduce Tigger's cough as transcribed by A. A. Milne. She's not very successful, despite several attempts.

  24. Roo: "Everyone, Tigger's going to try me!" It seems that the general public is desperately looking for anything that could be laughed at. Surely there is a lower limit to what can be accepted as an innuendo. (Yours disgusted, Tunbridge Wells... Jon)

  25. Helen proposes the meeting is moved to the kitchen at 2 Pembroke St., where there is lots of Jelly (orange and raspberry) to be eaten. The proposal is well received.

  26. Tim's cake, too, is well-received, especially as it tastes quite good.

  27. The conversation moves to hedgehog's bollocks and ram's testicles. Dubious.

  28. Stephen gets the Jelly from 2 Pembroke St., to make life easier for the majority.

  29. Helen explains that Tor apologises for missing the meeting on the grounds that she is going to become a prostitute in Bournemouth, because of circumstances on 'D' staircase. Nobody understands why she picked Bournemouth.

  30. Helen is hypnotised by chocolate produced by Jon's brother. It and the Jelly are consumed with great pleasure.

  31. Tim, who wonders who Cecily was - the poem is dedicated to Cecily - reads 'The More it Snows'. Everyone joins in the tiddley-poms. Jon wants Tim to sing the interlude. After Tim starts singing, Helen wants him to stop.

  32. What colour is Mary's hair? Blonde ( Helen), strawberry blonde ( Sarah ), or 'crap ginger' ( Timothy, who's never met Mary or seen a photo or anything )?

  33. The A.G.M. is discussed. Jon's brother fails to grasp the power of tradition in Cambridge, spot the outsider.

  34. Our WTPS has lasted three times longer than the University WTPS, which folded after a year.

  35. Helen preaches on the principles of admission to the Society.

  36. Discussion centres on the constitution, as if there was one. Most puzzling.

  37. It is decided that we should go through the constitution in preparation for the A.G.M. Sarah gets in a strop about her right to read 'Lines & Squares'.

  38. Tapani has to depart: Jon takes over the minutes, meaning that he's got to type them up too since noone can read his writing.

  39. Controversy! The treasurer is found to have been remiss in enforcing the Pooh Levy, The matter of payment for the party is addressed.

  40. People to be chased up over the party include Arnie and Ed Armstrong.

  41. "Susie's age is twice my mother's age if you divide it by two." (T. Hinks). Hmmm.

  42. Tim is sure that pinecones/fircones have another name in Pooh somewhere.

  43. The reading of the old constitution is begun: most of Zak's little touches are thrown out, despite Jon arguing for pretentiousness.

  44. Further people to be chased, who should have gone in 40), are Tapani, his friend Harro, his other apparently nameless friend, and possibly Daisy.

  45. Sarah adopts a cunning editing scheme involving ticks, crosses and wiggly lines (but no squares): then she sticks her elbow in the strawherry jam which has been used to stick the pages together, Helen moves to amend the strawberry jam.

  46. Craig has to leave, because of an essay.

  47. Ed Armatrong is discussed, Jon's opinion is not by and large shared - noone under- stands about Eton...

  48. Tim proposes a new rustication clause for the amended constitution. Timothy as a non-Tab does not understand, and wants to know what tools are involved...

  49. Timothy brings ponchoes into the discussion: Tim has a Nepalese hand-made woolen coat, apparently. Timothy proclaims himself 'a random person'.

  50. Dinan must be contacted to get him to the A.G.M.!

  51. What shall the Committee ( ex-Praesidium ) be called? It is left for the A.G.M.

  52. Jon suggests that his brother looks like Pauli, and gets cursed in Spanish.

  53. Helen explains democracy for us: it seems violence is the basis of government.

  54. The Queen is discussed. Her functions apparently consist of opening things and waving.

  55. It is suggested that the A.G.M. should be set for Saturday. 2 p.m. ( see later ), in the Old Reader. Sarah has to be re-persuaded into booking it.

  56. Timothy and Jon make silly gestures at each other: it's a family thing, I'm afraid.

  57. The reading of the constitution is completed.

  58. The A.G.M. time is shifted to 2:30 p.m.

  59. N.B. The'post of Under-James must be added to the amended constitution.

  60. The meeting is closed, if only because the A.G.M. is obviously a different one: otherwise we might have run for a fortnight. Is there a record? If not, should we set one? Votes for closing: For, 4, Against, 1, Abstentions, 2: Sarah votes all three ways, because we have no constitution and so can't stop her.

N.B. I don't know who Ed Armstrong is; suspect you mean Ed Attenborough (for future reference).

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