1. Jon starts taking minutes ten minutes into the meeting when it is discovered that noone else is.

  2. Present: the Lady Foundress Helen Masters, President Tor, Jon, Tim, Tapani, Huw, Sarah, Craig, and an associate of Tor's who is identified only as 'Rebecca'.

  3. Hunny-and-condensed-milk sandwiches, tea, and chocolate biscuits have been provided in accordance with the constitution we don't have.

  4. The reading is "In which Pooh goes hunting and almost discovers a Woozel", read by Helen. We're halfway through, Tor has only said "Woof" twice, and Helen's going to use Piglet's logic in her Lucretius essay. Now read on...

  5. Huw departs to make himself look beautiful: a number of comments are made.

  6. Sarah notices that Tapani has had his hair cut: Tapani gets qyite stroppy about this, and he's already upbraided me for quoting the old constitution, and Helen for not being nice enough about the hair; what an angry young man.

  7. Tor wants a book with an illustration of a bisected human body in it: it's 'for her sister'. Sarah can only offer one of the brain.

  8. Helen inquires after Sarah's plasticine brain. Well that explains a few things...

  9. Daisy arrives!

  10. I have a debate with Tapani over the proper use of red ink in typescript.

  11. Tim has discovered a 20 pound note that he knows nothing about: gosh.

  12. 'Rebecca' leaves amid multiple goodbyes.

  13. The merits of having flowers at WtPSoc. meetings are discussed: Helen and Tor promise to leave flowers in each others' pigeon-holes in future.

  14. Tim is elected president by unanimous acclamation.

  15. Competition for the post of Secretary, me vs. Tapani. Tapani claims Angela thought he'd be good. I point out that I can make tea and type, and generally waffle. We go outside and climb to the top of Pembroke Street, there being no suitably large courtyards: Tim takes over the minutes.

  16. I take over again on my returns before Tim has actually minuted anything. Apparently the rules have been changed: I am to be Secretary, and Tapani gets Foreign Secretary and Captain of Poohsticks.

  17. Tapani displays his linguistic virtuosity which secured him the Post. Apparently the Jawas or whatever in Star Wars spoke Swahili.

  18. Varsity Poohsticks is discussed: Waterloo Bridge and the 'real' Poohsticks bridge are floated as venues, although the first will require binoculars to see the sticks.

  19. Craig is voted Treasurer totally without his consent: but he concedes.

  20. Daisy has now left.

  21. An Expotition to the real Hundred-Acre Wood to play Poohsticks and have a picnic is proposed by Tor.

  22. Tapani starts translating Winnie-the-pooh into Finnish for us.

  23. Jon apologises for eating almost all the food, but carries on anyway.

  24. Tim wants to close the meeting because we're out of Hunny Sandwiches.

  25. Angela's death is to be organised: we changed the meeting time specially for her and she still hasn't turned up.

  26. Tor is appointed 'Christopher James Robin' until further notice.

  27. Tim departs.

  28. Tapani apparently wants to be Academic Affairs Officer: Tor just wants to be Affairs Officer.

  29. The possibility of getting a Society hovercraft is discussed: Jon points out that you can make one out of a paper cup, one of those polystyrene pallets you get chicken on and sellotape. Apparently Sarah once saw a Blue Peter programme about hovercraft.

  30. Tapani announces a 'semi-serious point': are we or are we not to have a constitution? The general feeling is that Helen's rework of the old one will do if we add the clause forbidding Sarah to read 'Lines & Squares'.

  31. The normal debate about how many times Sarah's read it this term ensues.

  32. Helen starts doing the washing-up: the meeting is declared closed by a number votes that noone bothered to count.

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