Held in U9, Pembroke College, at 3 p. m.
Present: Ben, Jon (3:31 p. m. !), Stephen, Anthony, Sibylle, Rob, Alasdair.
Apologies: Lee (work), Andrew (Hull to see D9000), Vicky (jazz at home).

  1. Ben arrives very late, which is noticeable when it's your room the meeting's being held in.

  2. Vote to censure Ben for being dreadfully late (proposed by Ben, he's just told me to say) : F., 5, Ag., 0, Abs., 1; motion carried. Ben says he's knackered. Some excuse.

  3. The teapot is washed very thoroughly before use.

  4. Jon arrives even later, and is censured for lateness and no minutes which is a bit unfair considering he spent the last half-hour typing them out. F., 5, Ag., 0, Abs., 1.

  5. Jon has brought the Treasury, standing in for Vicky, and into it Lee Benfield's membership is now put.

  6. Rob reads the minutes, by tradition, while Alasdair goes and gets some "crushed cake". It is not at all bad.

  7. Rob attempts to skip the bits of the minutes referring to him and Anna, Annalise or whatever her name is. (N. B. As Secretary I have been researching this, and can announce that while Anna is a tall oval-faced thespy person who smokes, the one we want to be watching is a Sarah Simons lookalike with ash-blond hair. The scrutiny of the Poohsoc is inescapable.)

  8. Apparently Jon (reveals Ben) was President of the Railway Society at his old school.

  9. Ben also reports that Jon attempted to kill him on Saturday night for making off-colour allusions to him and Vicky. Jon disagrees, saying he only threatened to thump our esteemed President if he didn't lay off the topic. Here the matter rests.

  10. Anthony's bedder does all his washing-up for him.

  11. It's under Ben's duvet! (N. B. These notes were made by the Under-Secretary, and I have no idea what he's talking about. )

  12. Ben finds his keys again. Where they went no-one seems to know. How curious...

  13. We interrogate Sibylle again when the word "orgy" comes up in last week's minutes. We manage to get her to admit that, "It wasn't exactly an affair... totally opposite in fact." Stay posted this week for more exciting revelations about Sibylle's previous life as a student in sin!

  14. Ben is told not to give up his day-job, but refuses to answer speculation as to just what it might be.

  15. Jon finally opens the cashbox to give us a Finance Report - apparently the Society has cash assets of 17.13.

  16. We are required to sing the Society anthem, by the constitution, but none of us know the tune, and those that can sight-read are too ill to sing. Rob is therefore mandated to go and get his Instrument: F., 4, Ag., 1, Abs. 2; motion carried.

  17. Sibylle reads "In which Eeyore has a birthday".

  18. Rob returns with his Instrument just as we get to the song. However, he has to warm it up first before it's any use.

  19. Rob demonstrates his flutter-tonguing technique!

  20. We sing `Cottleston Pie'., glowing in the warmth of tradition.

  21. Ben says he, "was just trying to reach the knocker". We've all heard that one before, haven't we; you're not fooling anyone, Mister President.

  22. Jon: "It was quite generous of me to leave him as much as I did".

  23. Votes to leave all the Committee in their current positions, pending new candidates: F., 6, Ag., 0, Abs., 0, and one other who couldn't decide.

  24. Ben proposes that he and Rob should toss for the post of James, but it is decided that Hustings is both more traditional and more hygienic.

  25. Rob says he's always happy with the tail. Why I don't know, but he said it.

  26. Rob husts then Ben does; both are then exiled while we vote, and it is observed that Ben skips round more of New Court than Rob does. Finally, they are readmitted. Votes for Rob: 1. Votes for Ben: 3. Abstentions: 1. Ben is thus reinstated as James.

  27. Anthony complains that Ben hasn't done it for weeks.

  28. The Society oath is read, in all its glory. Gratias Agimus A. A. Milnei!

  29. We vote to make Lettuce Bruguier an Honorary Member, since she has set up the Poohsoc mailing list: F., 4, Ag., 0, Abs., 2; motion carried. Jon will add her to the list.

  30. Next week's meeting will be at 6 Grange Road.

  31. Jon is frightened by the women in Sainsburys, apparently.

  32. Vote to close: F., 4, Ag., 0, Abs., 1. Meeting closed.

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