Minutes of the Elevenses Meeting of 13/02/99

Held in R4.
Present: Jon, Granny, Martin, Jenny, Belinda, Mad Jenny, Jeremy, Richard + Neil, Anfoni.
Apologies: Kirsten (work), Ben (France), Rob (France), Vicky (Spain), Yasmin, Claire, Chris, Kadia, Mad Jenny.

  1. Jon is still typing up last week's minutes as the members arrive, but courageously opens the meeting anyway.

  2. Granny minutes for the time being, and reads the minutes of last week's meeting off the screen until he catches up with Jon, whereupon he pauses.

  3. Jon finishes the minutes and they are duly read. We unanimously thank Kirsten for the cake she has presented by way of apology (hunny! mmm... )

  4. (in another hand) "Jeremy is being greedy. Jenny wants this minuting to show she hasn't eaten all the food this time." Merhinks she doth protest too much...

  5. The question of how one could have too many cakes is discussed: we decide the only truly dangerous thing would be to drop such a large number of cakes on one's head that it was fatal.

  6. Jon is unable to find the lid to his teapot. He is busily constructing a theory about an entropy field in which it must have become entangled when someone suggests that he left it in the kitchen. Sadly, this turns out to be so: life can be so unexciting sometimes.

  7. We discuss cannibalism and its legality: Granny names a number of famous cannibals whose names shockingly appear to be those of the Pembroke chefs.

  8. Chris Timms - Beelzebub - Emily - free beer (I think this minute looks better as notes).

  9. It is noted that Dave Henderson was not mentioned in last week's minutes.

  10. Belinda has brought Jon new teas, including a Rwandan one which Jon brews for the Society. He attempts to render suitable thanks but mere words are inadequate.

  11. The discussion remains on the subject of tea and coffee: we learn that Lapsang Souchong is technically poisonous and therefore illegal to import into the USA (or somewhere); debate which countries produce the best coffee, inconclusively; agree that Continental coffee comes in ridiculously small cups; are unable to settle whether Greek coffee should be Turkish or Turkish coffee Greek; and hear horror-stories of people brewing up in stupid ways.

  12. In the midst of that the conversation turns briefly to famous Belgians, but as usual Herg‚ is the only one and the subject rapidly changes.

  13. We also learn that nylon is an acronym.

  14. There is a long debate about Shakespeare in Love, which teaches us who Webster was. Anfoni runs off the first few lines of a script for Bob And Ethel, Romeo and Juliet as it might have been...

  15. Jon, risking censure, reads, 'Pete the Parrot and Shakespeare' by Archy (or Don Marquis) from Archy And Mehitabel and gets away with it!

  16. Anfoni's mother has apparently spent two months taking pictures with an empty camera. I think everybody should have a hobby, don't you?

  17. The real reading is, "In Which Eeyore finds the Wolery and Owl moves into it".

  18. A great many cues are fluffed: "it must be the tea..."

  19. Granny, Belinda and Anfoni all apologise for next week. Granny will be in March looking at unusual signal-boxes, apparently.

  20. We talk of Wales, whales, and the Isle of Man, and bilingual pubs across the Severn.

  21. Jon and Granny are found to be talking about trains.

  22. Mad Jenny had her boaties up this morning, apparently. They have to do what she says...

  23. Next week's meeting will be in CC13, Martin's room, it is decided, after briefly wondering whether we can get away with holding it in Ben's room, since Jenny has his keys.

  24. Manx birds and Manx cats are discussed, as Jeremy tries to get a vote to close taken.

  25. Since we have had no votes at all this meeting, we vote to censure the French chapter for starting an hour ahead of us: F., 4, Ag., 3, Abs., 2; carried.

  26. Though Jeremy has now given up, we have a vote to close anyway: F., 5, Ag., 2, Abs., 2; meeting closed.

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