Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Meeting

held on board a punt to Grantchester, 1st September 2002.

Members Present: Ben, Granny, Rosie
Also Present: Sam, Faustino, Rob (non-levied ex-member), Penny, Kevin, Ceri, David Henderson, Jeremy Sanders (non-levied ex-member)

  1. We are nearly all killed by a tree that is far too close to the water.

  2. We note with interest that David Henderson is present at a poohsoc meeting. (Joke c.1998 rehashed)

  3. We read Chapter 7 from the old testament, "In which Kanga and Baby Roo come to the forest and Piglet has a bath"

  4. We vote to allow all the visitors to vote for the duration of the meeting. F:2 A:0 Abs:1 Carried

  5. Sam, by virtue of his superior innuendo, is voted for as temporary emergency James. F:4 A:0 Abs:1. We then censure him for speaking during the reading. F:5 A:0 Abs:2.

  6. Ben- "I want to be a woman". F:2 A:1 Abs:2

  7. Dave has Jeremyís purple bonnet on (at least, I think the notes say that, you see these minutes were taken by me after just a few tiny little gin and tonics. After all, thatís what punting is about. So they get a bit more hard to decipher as we get nearer the end. Also I was on a shaking punt, look I know itís not an excuse, and the societal minutes are sacracent, but I do just want it stated in the record that there were mitigating circumstances. Thanks- BP)

  8. Pete and Clare from Newnham intercept us.

  9. Votes to give up pooh. F:0 A:3 Abs:2.

  10. "Iím sure being sticky is interesting, but not as interesting as Winnie-the-Pooh"

  11. Piglet disturbs everyone.

  12. Cheap tarts- 077*** *****. (Look, thatís what it says. Must have been very p***ed by then)

  13. Votes to close: F:4 A:2 Abs:0

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