Minutes of the Pembroke College Martin and Owen Society (a temporary renaming of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society) Committee Meeting held on the 05/11/2000 in H1

Present : Owen, Martin, Jenny, Claire

Apologies : Yasmin

  1. Jenny opens the meeting at 4:39pm

  2. The post for the treasurer is opened, we have a paying in book and a cheque book.

  3. We have a balance of 135.

  4. Votes that Claire can have the ring binder from the archives for the statements: Passed.

  5. We discuss when to have the AGM and changing over of signatories of the bank account.

  6. Claire tells us about her really interesting life.

  7. We create an agenda for the EGM.

  8. Claire only has a little brain today.

  9. Unlucky the cat is discussed.

  10. Claire tells us how she wishes she hadn't come out.

  11. Votes that Martin and Owen should do something to Jenny and Claire at the same time: F:2, A:0, Ab:0 Passed.

  12. Votes to bore Jenny and Claire to death with the constitution changes: F:2, A:0, Ab:0: Passed.

  13. Votes to rename the society to the Pembroke College Martin and Owen Society for the duration of this meeting, invoking clause 45 as necessary: F:2, A:0, Ab:0, Passed

  14. Votes that Martin and Owen should jump out the window: F:0, A:2, Ab:0: Failed.

  15. Votes to censure Jenny and Claire for not being here to stop Martin and Owen making lots of stupid motions: F:2, A:0, Ab:0 Passed.

  16. Votes that the meeting has degenerated since Jenny and Claire left (and we thought it was only interesting when they were here): F:2, A:0, Ab:0, Passed.

  17. Votes to censure the twiglets for running out: F:2, A:0, Ab:0, Passed.

  18. Votes that Martin and Owen should stay in Jenny's room for the duration of the cooking: F2, A:1, Ab:0, Passed.

  19. Votes that Jenny should feed Martin and Owen anyway, F:2, A:1, Ab:0: Passed.

  20. Votes that Jenny should only feed Martin and Owen, F:2, A:0, Ab:0: Passed.

  21. Votes that Jenny and Claire should stop scaring Martin and Owen: F:3, A:1, Ab:0: Passed.

  22. Votes that Claire should be upstanding for the duration of the meeting: Failed.

  23. Votes that Martin should stop doing that before he burns his hand: Passed.

  24. Votes to rename Martin, sport: Failed.

  25. Votes that it will separate: Passed - and it did.

  26. We start to eat our food.

  27. We have a stir fry type thing that Jenny has cooked for us.

  28. We don't really discuss much while eating.

  29. We wonder when to start discussing about the constitution.

  30. We wonder why we opened the meeting so early before discussing the constitution.

  31. We will send out the amendments to the constitution on the mailing list and tell people not to reply to the whole list.

  32. é here's an accent.

  33. We finish eating.

  34. We discuss the constitution and the changes we want to make.

  35. Votes to ignore the constitution in terms of having a reading this meeting: Passed.

  36. "I really want mad Jenny." - Jenny.

  37. "Can I do five" - Jenny

  38. Claire debates paying Martin in advance.

  39. Claire realises she doesn't have enough money.

  40. "We can't do it to both of them while one of them is out of the room" - Owen.

  41. Votes to censure Jenny and Claire for scaring Martin and Owen: Hung.

  42. We have a guest problem.

  43. Votes to hang the vote in minute 41 for ever more: Passed.

  44. Votes to censure Claire for suggesting we stop being silly: Passed.

  45. Votes to go away: Failed.

  46. Votes to commend Jenny if she gets the portions wrong: Passed.

  47. Votes for "Excuse me" (said by Claire, seconded by someone): Passed.

  48. Votes that Martin can't second motions anymore: Passed.

  49. There's more powder than sugar.

  50. We may need more than one pint.

  51. Claire doesn't drink vodka anymore.

  52. Jenny has less than two pints.

  53. Votes to censure Claire for falling asleep during the meeting: Passed.

  54. Votes to censure Claire for being rude all meeting: Passed.

  55. Votes that Claire's not really with it: Passed.

  56. Claire hasn't had much sleep because it's been hard all weekend.

  57. Votes that we're doing well for the stupidest meeting ever: Passed.

  58. Votes to censure Claire for saying things all meeting: F:2, A:2, Ab:0, Hung.

  59. Jenny's Mum phones up just at the right time to decide against.

  60. Votes to censure Claire for saying things all meeting: F:2, A:1, Ab:0: Passed.

  61. Votes that Claire should hit Martin for the duration of the meeting: Passed.

  62. Votes that Claire is the most violent member of Poohsoc ever: Passed.

  63. Votes to censure Claire for stopping hitting Martin: Passed.

  64. "The only reason it would be an unhappy marriage would be if Claire kept hitting Martin, as it would be wife abuse by Martin" - Claire.

  65. Votes to blame all these minutes on Claire: Passed.

  66. Votes to make Claire get married to : Failed.

  67. Votes to make Martin finish Claire up to 100: Failed.

  68. Votes that Claire can never get married: Failed.

  69. We still need another 32 minutes.

  70. Votes to form the Pembroke College Martin and Owen Society after this meeting: Passed.

  71. Votes to make Claire an honorary member of the Pembroke College Martin and Owen Society once it is formed: Passed.

  72. Votes that Claire wants to be an honorary member of the Pembroke College Martin and Owen Society: Passed.

  73. Votes that we are picking on Claire: Passed.

  74. "Are you all right there sweety" - Claire to Jenny.

  75. "Its much more fun on your own" - Owen.

  76. That air particle moves from just there to over there.

  77. Votes to censure the air particle for moving: Failed.

  78. "Owen you'll have to lick it" - Jenny

  79. "You may wish to use your fingers" - Jenny

  80. Martin is getting in practice for next week.

  81. How to make Macaroni cheese is discussed.

  82. Votes to make Owen make Macaroni Cheese with Pomegranates and Salt: Passed.

  83. We haven't been drinking alcohol - honest (actually we haven't)

  84. Claire doesn't drink vodka anymore she injects it.

  85. Votes that Jenny can't push Martin and Owen down the stairs: Passed.

  86. Votes that we can't close on minute 101: Failed.

  87. Votes that the boys are being so silly: Passed.

  88. What tea does Owen want?

  89. Saturday's meeting flumped.

  90. Votes to have a huge food fight (proposed Claire) : Failed.

  91. Votes that there's not enough mathmos in the room: Passed.

  92. Ooh we have fireworks.

  93. Martin had fireworks in his supervision

  94. Its gone dark.

  95. We all huddle in the corner in the dark.

  96. Claire is stuck between the mathmos and Peterhouse.

  97. Claire claims she is stuck between a rock and a hard place. It is noticed Peterhouse is made of rock.

  98. Jenny plays with her ball and gets spots all over the place.

  99. Claire wants to run away.

  100. If we have one more minute it will be over 100.

  101. We think this may be a record.

  102. It's definitely a record for a committee meeting.

  103. Votes to close: Passed.

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