Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 11/11/2000 in The Inner Parlour, Formal Hall, Pembroke JP, Pembroke Bar, H1.

Present : Jenny, Martin, Owen, Claire, Ian, Mark, Rosie.

Apologies : Yasmin.

  1. Jenny opens the meeting.

  2. Votes to blame it all on Jenny: Passed.

  3. Votes to give visitors voting rights: Passed.

  4. Votes to embarrass Jenny slightly more: Passed.

  5. Jenny goes on about the dome again.

  6. Votes to censure Owen for giving himself titles which don't exist: Passed.

  7. Some thing of Ian's has grown immeasurably since seeing Rosie in her frock.

  8. July Noted is a first year compsci.

  9. The anthem is sung.

  10. No one in the society can sing: Passed.

  11. Minutes, minutes, minutes, minutes, minutes (No one can tell me to not write minutes)

  12. Claire wants Martin to give Owen a screw.

  13. Jenny Hodgeson hooshes vegetables.

  14. "No Dave don't do it it's bad luck" - Rob.

  15. "I never thought Dave could appear shorter" - Rob

  16. Dave attacks Owen with an umbrella.

  17. "Every one bullies me about Martin" - Claire.

  18. "It should be lovely, but I'm scared" - Claire.

  19. Use soda-stream to make still white fizzy.

  20. "When I'm older I'll probably enjoy it more" - Claire.

  21. "I did not have sexual relations with Mr. Powell" - Ed Hill.

  22. They've done it all on their own with a little help.

  23. Claire's done a member of the RAF - "but he was gorgeous"

  24. Claire stood him up and he was gorgeous.

  25. "The best place to screw women is in the liquidiser" - Owen

  26. Votes to rename Martin, weekend : Passed.

  27. A committee meeting is opened in a vain attempt to veto the above result but it fails.

  28. Votes that we will sit in hall all night: Passed.

  29. We're spoiling Dave.

  30. "We could give having a squash in Martin's room a go" - Claire (Now Claire is a bit behind the times here, as we did this at the start of the term.)

  31. The devil has a red umbrella.

  32. "Just have a rummage in my front pocket" - Claire to Martin.

  33. Jenny and Rosie should make a point of enjoying coming more often.

  34. Rosie experienced a screw in the bottom thanks to Aaron.

  35. Teachers doing their mark-ing.

  36. Votes to close: Passed

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