Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 09/10/2001 at 4pm in AA20.

Present : Owen, Martin, Rosie, Neil, Richard, Benedict, Kirsten, Andrew

Apologies : Jenny, Jon

  1. Owen opens the meeting.

  2. Richard pays his pooh levy and makes a donation on behalf of Neil M-H

  3. Votes to censure Owen for not being a Parker's girlfriend's sister: Hung

  4. Minutes of poohsoc meeting held on 16/09/2001 are read by Neil.

  5. All characters are male apart from Kanga.

  6. The person who applied to Pembroke because of us failed to get in.

  7. Votes to censure Neil for not knowing what W-t-P stands for: Passed

  8. Votes to let visitors vote: Passed

  9. Votes to censure Disney for being Disney: Passed

  10. Dave Henderson is mentioned.

  11. Rosie can do the same thing as 5 people.

  12. Votes to censure Richard: Passed

  13. Minutes of poohsoc meeting held on 17/09/2001 are read by Kirsten

  14. Votes that Kirsten may take her shoes of: Passed

  15. Votes to censure Kirsten for forgetting her testaments.

  16. Kirsten and Benedict pay their pooh levies

  17. Reading: Chapter 1 'In which a house is built at Pooh corner for Eeyore'

  18. Votes to commend Benedict for pointing at a picture of Pooh and saying Pooh: Passed

  19. Votes to censure Andrew for lying to Benedict: Passed

  20. Votes to censure Andrew for saying nasty things about Pooh: Passed

  21. Names of freshers.

  22. Votes that Andrew should feel better: Passed

  23. Tau is a Greek tea.

  24. Kirsten writes out 'The More It Snows' in runes

  25. Votes that Rosie should grow a beard: Passed.

  26. Votes to censure Rosie for not wearing the moustache: No seconder

  27. Votes for ????? : Hung : Visitor decides for.

  28. Votes that coins are evil: Failed

  29. Votes that you can't have motions during motions: Failed

  30. Votes that these are all stupid motions: Passed

  31. Votes that this is a cunning plan to stop Kirsten writing the poem: Passed

  32. Votes that Andrew doesn't have the same style as Andrew: Passed

  33. Football

  34. Richard may not be at next weeks meeting and thus apologises if he misses it

  35. Next weeks meeting will be in M1(not on the M1)

  36. Votes to close as this pen is running out: Passed

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