Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 27/10/2001 in AA20.

Present : Owen, Richard, Martin, Neil, Debbie

Apologies : Jenny, Kirsten, Rosie

  1. Owen opens this weeks meeting even though last weeks is still open.

  2. Membership runs out at the start of next weeks meeting.

  3. GAC allocations

  4. Neil M-H has stolen Richard’s testaments.

  5. Sane Jenny was never president.

  6. Rosie sneaked into Owen’s room and sent out an email while Owen wasn’t looking: Passed

  7. Motions are specifically for this week unless they are specified as being for last week: F:0, A:3, Ab:2 Failed

  8. Votes that Debbie has to get a pocket watch: Failed

  9. Are pocket watches sexist.

  10. Correspondence: For us or Lady Tomkys a book:
    POEH WOORDENBOEK. A Dutch Pooh dictionary.

  11. It’s a woezel

  12. We try to translate the book.

  13. Minutes of poohsoc meeting from 21/10/01 read by Owen

  14. Owen has got the day wrong.

  15. Votes that the minutes are correct: Passed

  16. You can only kill tourists during tourist season: Passed

  17. Owen reads Cottleston pie and the more it snows from the Dutch book

  18. Mustard

  19. Debbie leaves

  20. Votes that the EGM will not last a fortnight: F:4, A:0, Ab:0

  21. EGM posts - treasurer, Rabbit, Kanga + any others from people who don’t renew.

  22. EGM - Sat 17th November 6pm Formal hall afterwards.

  23. If she’s here next week Neil can ask her.

  24. Reading: Chapter II: In which Pooh goes visiting and gets stuck in a tight place.

  25. Fitting in tight places

  26. Next week Z7-North Court-Emma.

  27. Neil has t-bags but no kettle.

  28. Colleges use the system of guilty until proven innocent: Passed

  29. We eat Debbie’s broken fingers.

  30. Votes that it is us: Passed

  31. Wizard of Oz

  32. Votes to demolish King’s college chapel and build a block of flats: Failed

  33. Colleges and stuff they own.

  34. Votes to close: Hung

  35. The table water biscuits are Wine soc.

  36. Owen minutes unconstitutional meetings.

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