Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Freshers' Squash II held on the 13/10/2002 in H13, Pembroke.

Present: Martin, Roz, Owen, Naath, Neil, Tom, and Sarah


  1. Owen opens the meeting

  2. Some freshers arrive

  3. Society for rescuing lost rooms

  4. Votes to let the visitors vote: Passed

  5. Curry powder cake

  6. Poohsticks tournament - Tuesday

  7. Yesterday

  8. The get-well card for Lucy Cavendish wheel clamps is passed around

  9. Neil and his coconut fascination

  10. Votes to commend Naath and everyone else who brought a Pooh umbrella: Passed

  11. Votes to censure Neil for being late: Passed

  12. Reading: In which a house is built at pooh corner for eeyore

  13. Next weeks meeting, 3 Selwyn Gardens Rm. 1

  14. Overland Poohsticks match, entries in by the end of term

  15. We will hold a squash in May week and call it a garden party (and not do any extra work for it): Passed

  16. We want people to feel the cakes and biscuits inside them

  17. Winnie-the-Pooh game

  18. Naath - Lines and Squares

  19. We should thank the minute writes every week for writing the minutes: Failed

  20. Sarah pays her pooh levy

  21. Votes to censure Neil: Passed

  22. Neil does a lot of things that are worth censuring: Passed

  23. Votes to invoke clause XXXV: Passed

  24. We commend Roz for trying to get the Proctor to join

  25. Votes to censure Roz for failing in the above: Passed

  26. Neil has more birthdays than Pooh as Neil has one every year, whereas Pooh only has one once a year: Passed

  27. Someone - The Kings breakfast

  28. Votes to censure Roz for interrupting the reading: Passed

  29. Votes to censure Neil for interrupting Roz: Passed

  30. Mustard

  31. The kettle won't fit, joke

  32. Votes to skin Naath: Hung visitors decide against

  33. Votes that some one should second that motion so that Martin has to write it down: Passed

  34. Neil has to suck it lit: Passed

  35. We should stop being confusing for 2 minutes: Passed

  36. Her age isn't 13: Hung visitor decides for

  37. We have sung happy birthday and Neil has to blow the candle out: Passed

  38. Roz has to read two poems at once: Passed

  39. Roz - Half way down a thought

  40. We're never very silly: Passed

  41. Votes to cut Neil's right arm off: Hung visitors decide against

  42. Votes to cut Neil?s left arm off: Hung visitors decide against

  43. We should give Neil a haircut: Passed

  44. Neil - Us two

  45. Neil dislikes Women

  46. Neil dislikes himself: Hung

  47. Owen - Bad Sir Brian Botany

  48. "That table is interestingly constructed" - Roz

  49. Roz explores her phone case

  50. "Put it away Owen" - Roz

  51. Votes to censure everyone who didn't send her money: Passed

  52. Exciting and fun

  53. Votes to get a beaver with a ball baring tail at the back of the blues boat for the cows that hold the paddles and row with the handles: Passed

  54. "It's a pile of chair" - Owen

  55. Votes to close: Passed

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