Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting held on the 09/11/2002 in I1, Library Court and Pembroke Porters Lodge.

Present: Owen, Martin, Naath, Roz, Alison, David, Rosy, Rachel, Rachel, John-h, Adam, Dunstan, and Neil

Apologies: The cow, Jenny, Rosie, Neil, Roz, Roz (for apologizing)

  1. Owen opens the meeting

  2. Now is not now: Passed

  3. Everything should be minuted twice: Passed

  4. Reading: In which Piglet is entirely surrounded by water

  5. Votes to censure Roz for changing the story: Passed

  6. Votes to censure everyone who interrupts the reading again: Passed

  7. Neil should fix Naath’s computer with a hammer: Passed

  8. Neil is excused: Passed

  9. Votes to censure the James for not abstaining: Passed

  10. Naath should be really calm now: Passed

  11. Votes to censure Naath for not: Passed

  12. Neil’s glad it wasn’t a cabbage

  13. There are such things as 100ft cabbage: Passed

  14. Being in a Grimm’s fairy tale: Passed

  15. Alison has insane conversations because she’s a mathmo: Passed

  16. Alison should be insulted by Neil: Passed

  17. Votes that Alison is allowed to strangle Martin: Passed

  18. Votes that the society has no responsibility for the above: Passed

  19. Neil shouldn’t be in the societies constitution: Passed

  20. Votes to set the constitution to verse: Passed

  21. Votes that Dunstan and Roz should do it: Passed

  22. Owen would like to vote to be spoilt: Passed

  23. John-h should read the King’s breakfast: Passed

  24. John-h: King’s breakfast

  25. John-h wants to be put down

  26. Votes to not hold Rachel responsible for the mess

  27. Censuring is the end of the world: Passed

  28. Votes to censure Owen for being rash: Passed

  29. Everyone should set up a Martin and Owen society in their own college, following the constitution as partially written: Hung visitor decides for

  30. There will be one in every country as well: Passed

  31. We should remind Neil to never invite Chess again: Passed

  32. America is a militant sheep: Passed

  33. Owen will do the votes in a random order from now on: Passed

  34. It was a random order: Passed

  35. Votes to censure Neil in this set of minutes: Passed

  36. Next weeks meeting: Failed

  37. We should send get well cards to the motion: Hung visitors decide for

  38. Next weeks meeting, Z6 North court, Emmanuel

  39. Rachel and Rosy apologize for next week

  40. Votes to close: Passed

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