Minutes of Extraordinary Elevenses meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society
held on the 28th November 2002

In Which Owen Deceives Himself As To His Popularity

Held In: Room 1, 3 Selwyn Gardens
Present: Owen, Roz and The Cow
Apologies: Jenny and Rosie

  1. Roz opens the meeting

  2. Why is the cow still wearing formal dress? It hasn't washed since the EGM either. Votes that the cow is smelly (F: 1, A: 0, Ab: 1 - carried). Roz smells the cow and indeed it smells...

    ...of plastic.

  3. The cow doesn't have a field. We should get it one (F: 2, A: 0, Ab: 0 - carried). The Foreign Secretary should go to foreign fields to find one (F: 2, A: 0, Ab: 0 - carried)

  4. Neil should bring a Securicor van and a troop of armed body guards to the meeting on Saturday or failing that a big hat (F: 2, A: 0, Ab: 0 - carried).

  5. Owen is avoiding the CMS. Alison has threatened to grab him and force him to take her money. He thinks he may have kept her at bay by persuading her to put it in his pigeonhole instead. However, as she is so impressed with his physic abilities he is not certain that this will be enough.

  6. John-h and Dunstan both visited Owen today. Roz is currently visiting him too. The poohsoc members just can't keep away! Some even went to the extent of sending money, he received over 200 today.

  7. John-h was delivering something to a "lady" at Wolfson when he visited or so he said. We wonder whether she was impressed with it.

  8. Homerton and the Faculty of Education are now completely separate. Dunstan is relieved to hear that. Unfortunately we cannot enlighten people as to why this should be, as we should not mention that Dunstan is from Homerton.

  9. Votes to close (F: 2, A: 0, Ab: 0 - carried).

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