Minutes of the Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society held on the 29th Day of October 2005 at Grads Cafe on the top floor of the University Centre, Mill Lane.

Present: Giles, Naath, Estelle, Rosy, Rachel C, Katie, Jack
Guests: Sarah C (sister of Rachel C), Rachel H/R (mother of Rosy)
Apologies: Lukshmi

1. Meeting opened.
2. Results of the Freshers' Poosticks were announced. Rachel C won, and was presented with a winners' medal. I can't remember the rest, and didn't write them down as I was concentrating on "Present" and "Guests" and the like.
3. *Thinks* "One of these days, we should use Freshers as Poohsticks..." [not a very original though. Ed.]
4. Jesus is the telephone repair man on the switchboard of my life.
5. [Some] Over extended metaphor[s] like [in] Harvey Angel.
5a. Watts and Volts, Watts and Volts, better by far than Thunderbolts.
6. One hot cup of water, one hot cup of tea, one empty cup.
7. Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot.
8. The Story of Rachel C's Jobs is told.
9. Cambridge/Oxford MAs and made up Latin words.
10. Votes to commend Ben for suggesting the Grad Pad for tea. Passed.
11. Where's the loo? Passed.
12. Votes to let visitors vote. Passed.
13. Q: Did we actually *have* any freshers? A: Yes, one law student from Magdalene.
14. How do you speel Rach(a)el? In Yiddish it's Rokhol, exept it's not because Yiddish is written in Hebrew characters... ...bored pause...
15. Rosy's dad apologised until he got a laptop.
16. But then he's actually working for MI5's porn wing and is spending most of the money on the other family. There are five of them, you see.
17. "...shared with a very, very large man..."
18. Prolific tea drinkers, aren't we?
19. There's a hole in my sock, dear Liza, dear Liza.
20. Estelle found her first ever piece of rotting leather on a man. It's quite a sad health service story.
21. Long hair stories.
22. Wow! There are sockets in the cafe!
23. That's Jack!!!
24. You can call Rosy and Rachel H/R Ruth. Everyone else does.
23. Naath leave on account of feeling ill.
24. Minutes of the meeting held on the 22nd day of October are read by the assembled throng.
25. A small Dachshund named Colin.
26. Jack said, "Phwoar!". It wa [some text missing. Ed.]
27. Dave Henderson was mentioned.
28. Mustard.
29. Or... you could extrude them through your hole.
30. She's only got one inner ankle.
31. Votes to commend Katie for singing a song. Hung, CR decides... nothing immediate as we digress into a discussion of whether a motion can be "abstended" and what would happen were someone to withdraw quickly. In the end heesh decided for the motion in the end.
32. Which will only encourage me, "Washes up, washes up, washes up..."
33. Reading: Chapter 6 of the New Testament, "In which Pooh invents a new game and Eeyore joins in."
34. Jack says I should write down "Has the word 'outland' always been there? I don't remember it ever being there before."
35. Oh my God. We're in a public place and Rachel C's doing a Ben-like Roo voice.
36. Rosy and Rachel H/C leave to catch a train.
38. Next week, meeting in room G5, Ridley Hall.
39. Giles and Rachel C apologise for nest week.
40. Estelle has magic transforming gloves.
41. "i was in there early one morning, ans it seemed like they had had fun in the..."
42. Oh dear, Giles tries to impress us about the size of his weapon. Again.
43. My broken laptop is better than yours!
44. Turning screens is more difficult than you might think.
45. Votes to commend some people starting with R... Passed.
46. Would adding China make Eurovision any sillier?
47. Vortes to make Giles draw a map. Hing, visitor decides for.
48. We should do Jack for being violent.
49. "I really hate hanging around with sexist people, it's really annoying. Admittedly, I like being annoying."
50. Votes to close. Passed.