[Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting Held on Saturday (Remember, Remember the) 5th November 2005, in G5, Ridley Hall.]

Present: Estelle, Lukshmi, Naath, Katie, Jack

1. Katie's parents are going cruising.
2. Estelle has a "More tea, vicar?" teapot.
3. Estelle BThs, and we persuade her to evangalise.
4. Jack: But don't listen to me, I'm *so* not a good mouthpiece for God.
5. Don't take advice on how to write essays from... any of us.
7. Mark's fruity flapjacks!
8. Rainbow toe socks are the best thing in the world.
9. You should go to Camden because I'm scared of trains.
10. I think you should write down that we closed the meeting or you'll walk around thinking you've still got a meeting open.