Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society elevenses meeting

Held on Saturday 20th October 2007 in the kitchen of 40 Warkworth St.

present: CGM, Becky, Lisa
later present: Jack, Owen, James
guests: Rich, Matt, Sky, Helen, Ruth (Pete), Mark
apologies: Owen

  1. Meeting opened
  2. Votes to censure Big Brother's Big Mouth for not replying to a very long email 3:0:0 - carried
  3. Cake is complimented
  4. Cake is not complemented
  5. Except by tea
  6. Rich turns up, stays for cake and tea
  7. James with no nickname arrives
  8. Owen arrives with provisions (Baklava)
  9. Owen also compliments the cake
  10. We go round and say our subjects. Owen is a real person. James is two kinds of geek.
  11. We discuss the technical differences between nerds, geeks and dorks. Lisa is a dork.
  12. Lisa proposes to make James The James
  13. Lisa proposes to make the back garden a part of Pembroke College. 5:0:0 - carried.
  14. James is quizzed
  15. Keep the baklava and the cake apart because they don't compliment each other. 5:0:0 - carried
  16. James would like to stand for The James
  17. James skips, while we vote. 4:0:1, carried: James is now The James.
  18. Perhaps Ben is feeling his innuendo detecting powers bing sucked from him as we speak (oo-er)
  19. We made a second pot of tea for Owen, but drank it all, so Owen still hasn't had any tea
  20. Jack arrives and breaks the curtain rail
  21. Lisa 'fixes' the curtain rail
  22. Proposal to read Winnie-the-Pooh. 5:0:0 - carried
  23. Owen gets some tea!
  24. We read "In which Piglet is entirely surrounded by water"
  25. Yes, or possibly no. 3:1:1 - passed
  26. Stack error - Jack is improperly implemented
  27. Matt has appeared - for tea and cake?
  28. Helen appears
  29. Owen is a real person, and therefore doesn't read
  30. CGM likes silly rituals, not silly vegetables, unless she finds a good way of cooking okra
  31. "Vloup!" <--->
  32. It's broccoli whichever way up it is
  33. CGM is evolving broccoli with faces
  34. Selective breeding for teeth
  35. Cheese on toast/cake
  36. Jack locates biscuits with surprising inefficiency
  37. Poohsoc locates Cambridge with surprising inefficiency
  38. Cambridge in Massachusetts is not fair. 2:2:1 - hung, CR decides for.
  39. Jack's ice cream seller analogy for English politics
  40. We try to extend the analogy to breaking point
  41. We suggest a new American Civil War, but CGM gracefully declines
  42. Matt disapproves of Owen's shirt
  43. Purple joke - votes to censure James for spoiling it. 1:2:2 - failed
  44. Poor Owen. Look at that face.
  45. CGM is sorry. 1:1:1:2 - hung, CR decides for
  46. You can't do that. 1:1:1:2 - hung, CR decides for
  47. The last two votes happened in the other order, but I was confused
  48. There's lots of people in the kitchen. Some of them are us.
  49. Peterhouse college hall rules
  50. Matt thinks James looks old. James attempts to take it as a compliment.
  51. Anna draws a postbox. Some of them have legs.
  52. James discovers 13oz
  53. Franking in Porters' Lodges
  54. Alex claimed to put our money into a bank account that doesn't exist, then disappeared from the city
  55. Owen pays CGM Pooh levy. CGM owes the society 2.
  56. We have mislaid our treasurer
  57. We need an EGM
  58. CGM is leaving at the end of term, but she is returning next term
  59. CGM can fly
  60. The first Saturday of November is the 3rd, therefore 2 Saturdays after that is the 17th
  61. EGM on 17th or 24th November
  62. Provisionally the 17th
  63. We need to chase Alex + Giles
  64. Meet next week at 3pm at Pembroke Porters' Lodge for Poohsticks, or 4pm at the Grad Pad for elevenses
  65. AOB
  66. We're almost like a real meeting now
  67. Jack has no more business, except with the pipes and mushrooms
  68. Apple Days
  69. Lisa mistakes Pete for Ruth
  70. Clocks change next weekend, not tonight. Our date hasn't changed yet.
  71. CGM's computer is genderless
  72. CGM shouldn't check whether her computer floats
  73. Lisa can get a chair and jacket, but will make Jack nervous instead
  74. Votes to close - carried
  75. On Wednesday evening, Lisa will go to an old peoples' home and visit Jack

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