Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society elevenses meeting

Held on Saturday 3rd November 2007 in E5, Wolfson Building, Trinity College

present: James, Ed, Anna, Carol
later present: Grace, Owen, Lisa, Rob, Alex
apologies: none

  1. Read last week's minutes
  2. We should read last week's minutes: for 3-against 0-abstention 1-spoil 0. Carried
  3. 4:20. Grace turns up
  4. Grace just woke up so she doesn't want tea
  5. The green one is for recycling as it contains the Sunday Times
  6. James has not found out about pink icing
  7. We read the week before last week's minutes
  8. Google toaster oven
  9. That beeping should stop: 2-0-3. Carried
  10. It's like a club for picking that can be turned into motions: 3-0-2. Carried [Should the 'that' be a 'what'? - Charlotte]
  11. I guess we could read poetry
  12. Grace reads "Furry Bear"
  13. Cake has poor structural integrity
  14. The kettle is behind the CGM
  15. 4:40. Owen and Lisa show up with testaments, cake and toffee apples
  16. I've left the constitution at home, so I can't show it to them
  17. If you like, you coul read them again
  18. Ed will host the meeting next week (churchill): it will force him to clean
  19. Chocolate flavoured coated apples
  20. We should censure Tesco for apples: 4-0-2 carried [this actually read censor, but I think blanking out T****'s signs is vandalism - Charlotte]
  21. The apples contain gelatine
  22. Owen should've wanted tea anyway
  23. Can Lisa eat one anyway?
  24. We're going to eat them, we're going to be bad people
  25. Does chocolate go with apples? No.
  26. The dazzling lights of Tesco
  27. Carol cares: 6-0-1. Carried
  28. 4:50. Rob appears
  29. It sounded like a knock: 4-1-3. Carried
  30. Owen is a real person
  31. Apples are vegetarian: 1-3-4. Failed
  32. Reading NT II "In which Tigger the Forest and has Breakfast"
  33. But Lisa doesn't like Owen
  34. 5:06. Alex arrives
  35. But that looks like an on-switch
  36. Alex can go out of the room and make a phone call: 4-2-2-1. Carried
  37. We need a treasurer
  38. Can Owen propose that Alex rings the Queen? 5-2-1. Carried
  39. Grace leaves
  40. Owen can't propose that: 4-2-2. Failed (2/3 majority required)
  41. Votes to make Alex eat his tea with a fork: 4-1-3. Carried
  42. Alex proposes this spoon is a fork: 5-1-1-1. Carried
  43. Alex can't count above 3
  44. Votes to mandate Alex to cut the Soreen with butter and cheese: 6-1-1. Carried
  45. The bin is stalking us, by general acclamation
  46. Get rid of General Acclamation, so that the bin can't stalk us
  47. Do chemicals have ideas?
  48. The ginger cake is finished
  49. If Alex and James are going to pass the Earl, they should do it in private, when we're not around
  50. it is discovered that Beetle is battery-powered
  51. Lisa, Alex and eventually everyone else discuss the website and mailing lists
  52. Cake continues to be eaten
  53. That's not how you spell JSB
  54. Lisa & Owen collapse on each other
  55. My country's prejudices are better than your country's prejudices: 4-2-2. Carried
  56. We have to go to the orange bit on the edge of the green square
  57. James and Ed are approximately under the table
  58. Reading: "The Engineer"
  59. Lapsang Souchong will overpower anything you put in it: Carried (we think)
  60. Alex can never have a cup of tea ever again, ever: 0-3-etc. Failed
  61. Owen doesn't think so: Hung, and CR can't decide what he thinks.
  62. The James wants to propose somebody for something
  63. Alex has to stand in the corridor and read it: 4-2-0-1. Carried
  64. Owen should function as a doorstop: 4-2-2 (we think). Carried
  65. Reading: the first paragraph of OT X "In which Christopher Robin and Pooh come to an enchanted place and we leave them there"
  66. Meeting closed: 2-0-1-3 (1 panda, 2 dragons, 1 flying saucer (a long-living and prosperous one)). Carried

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