Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society elevenses meeting

Held on Saturday 10th November 2007 in Room 43S, Churchill College

present: CGM, The James, Carol, Ed
apologies: Lisa, Owen, Rob

  1. Andy is still no longer in China.
  2. CGM: Lemon cake is nice and should have be advertised.
  3. Cambridge is not on a grid pattern, as is Berkeley (which is phonetic due to an insufficently literate bishop).
  4. We should suspend the constitution again in order to not read the absent minutes. 3-0-1. Carried.
  5. Is that open? The James, referring to a bag, or more probably to John Lewis.
  6. Ed has lots of bizarre electronic devices.
  7. It would be nice if there was someone who wanted to be secretary. 2-0-1-1 (Ed cannot vote and scribe simultaneously). Carried.
  8. It is worse to live at the poles than at the equator due to it being dark all the time, or alternatively light all the time.
  9. You could live on a floating platform, as there is no land at the North Pole.
  10. Ed: "I am writing too much down here." 2-0-2. Carried.
  11. Ed points out that point nine is incorrect in the light of OT 9:n (page 126 in Dean Complete Version).
  12. CGM's edition has colour photographs (sic).
  13. Reading: OT 6 - Eeyore has a Birthday.
  14. The box is hiding behind the crate.
  15. CGM quite likes the cake. 2-1-1. Carried.
  16. Discussion of pick'n'mix religion and eggs of various colours.
  17. Discussion of the relative merits of various incarnations of the toys.
  18. James: Do you want to buy the USA while the exchange rates are so favourable?
  19. Soreen is cut with butter and cheese.
  20. It is quite nice. 3-0-1. Carried.
  21. Ed's room forms puddles.
  22. Meeting closed 3-0-1.

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