Highlights of the Freshers' Fair at Kelsey Kerridge

In which we are adjacent to Sheila and quite amicable.

Held on Tue 7th-Wed 8th October 2008

Present: CGM, Carol, Ed, Twillo, Capt. Chocoholixxs, Rob.

  1. Tentative bake-off vs. Sheila (spit), to be chaired by Tiddlywinks.
  2. Exists there HarryPotterSoc? [Captain says so; joint film night with Sheila at which Sheila beat them 10,000-nil. Ed.]
  3. Squeals of joy.
  4. Squeals of pain - CGM feels sorry for Twillo's monkey.
  5. Reading: OT3 - Pooh nearly catches a [Fresher].
  6. Ed reads The Knight whose Armour Didn't Squeak.
  7. Ed impersonates Ed; Ed dresses as a crocodile for Sheila.
  8. <Capt. Chocoholixxs again>.
  9. 'Owen Barritt' is a useful bag.
  10. A fresher whose grandfather knew A. A. Milne.
  11. A fresher who lives near Ashdown Forest.

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