Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting

In which a new member is dubbed an interesting name.

Held on Saturday 18th October 2008 in Burrell's Field.

Present: James, CGM, Ed [Eeyore], Ed [Ignaceous], Dom Yan, Carol, Annie (a Classicist), Roseanna Pendleberry (ditto).
Later present: Elena, Lizzie (briefly), Jon, Rachel.

  1. Meeting opened 4.15.
  2. Merits of a society teapot - preferably metal.
  3. Commend Owen for being extremely helpful over the internet. 8-0-0. Carried.
  4. Commend there being an Owen. 8-0-0. Carried.
  5. Without Twillo, we can be unanimous. 7-0-0-1 [Carol spoils with stilton].
  6. R1 is a good room for spying on people.
  7. Soreen cut with cheese only - it scores 6 on the cheese scale from 1-5.
  8. Annie fits under the table: "There are advantages to being small."
  9. We could see what the internet says on the etymology of 'buttery'. 7-1-0-1 [pantry].
  10. We could wait and not have a reading until Elena arrives. 7-1-0. Carried.
  11. Visitors have been able to vote since the start of this meeting. 7-0-0. Carried.
  12. Roseanna's school dropped Latin between her AS and A2 years.
  13. CofE should go back to mass in Latin because it sounds nicer. 3-2-4. Carried.
  14. Elena: "The advantage of Judaism as a religion is that all the 'praise God's are in Hebrew".
  15. Ignaceous leaves with an RBG "to fetch Hobnobs".
  16. Reading: OT5 – Piglet Meets A Heffalump.
  17. Lizzie being Ermintrude-the-baby-wombat@email - a long story involving a private pilots licence.
  18. CGM can't see Jon because he's behind Ed. 9-0-0-1 [John - the possibility of spoiling imaginatively].
  19. Matt agrees with James thinking of curry. 6-0-2-1 [Carol naan].
  20. The Red-Haired Girl, who is she?
  21. Annie is a lesbian, Roseanna isn't.
  22. Mandate Jon to STOP DIGGING. 9-0-0. Carried.
  23. The legality and practicality of poisoned lipstick in Assassins.
  24. Stilton and pink wafer would be odd. 6-1-1-1 [Yum].
  25. Pink biscuit + strong cheddar = cheese balls.
  26. John: "Stilton can spoil nothing. Stilton is full to the brim with win."
  27. James tests whether stilton spoils chocolate (hobnob).
  28. Should Ed make hallucinogenic nutmeg cake? Probably not - a lower dose for flavour without the trip is preferred.
  29. John's ex wrote 'you big hairy monster' on his Osborne supervision work.
  30. The Hawking bronze with black hole and mist.
  31. Annie apologises - Swedish mother and sister visiting; Carol apologises - will be home.
  32. Roseanna and Ignaceous pay PL.
  33. CU define MIT as within n miles of GSM to allow visitors there to Keep Term, much as we do with Pem courts.
  34. Ignaceous to host.
  35. Someone teasing Twillo with magnetic monopoles and the three-body problem.
  36. Chronos' Extra Hour next Sunday from 2am-2am. Nocturnal Poohsticks also?
  37. Closed 7-2-0. [Warning: Assassins!]
It will be Ed's turn to pay excess tip next time we eat out.

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