Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting

In which we vote on blank motions.

Held on Saturday 1st November 2008 in West Strachey on a different floor.

Present: Roseanna, Ed, Jack, Will, Ignatious, James, A Megan, Liz-initially, Annie.
Later present: Alicia, Rachel, Elena.
Much later: Anna.

  1. Meeting opened 4.07.
  2. Will is super and awesome as he has brought both Ignatious' mug and a tea-pot.
  3. That's not a trebuchet. They float.
  4. Chocolate in teapot.
  5. James: "That's the sort of cup that Carol believes in". 7-0-3-1 [Annie goat].
  6. Visitors can vote. 6-0-1. Carried.
  7. It's important that it's a donkey - she wears a donkey skin to make herself magic.
  8. Twillo: "My granny married her own son" to Twillo's mother.
  9. Twillo appears to be Acting-Tea-Monkey. 8-0-1. Carried.
  10. Hamlet emo etc.
  11. Conservation of angular biscuits.
  12. Rachel doesn't want tea, she wants hot squash.
  13. Beer in the flavour of: oyster, chocolate, double chocolate, bubblegum, blue.
  14. Ignatious: "Pink Calpol is really nice - you got sick just to get it."
  15. Twillo: "Eating chalk is fine, as long as it's not gypsum."
  16. Custard is a bad idea. 6-4-0-1 [Twillo: abstains & pink custard].
  17. Elena brings Apple ?Pancake.
  18. WILL HAS PROVIDED HUNNY-&-CONDENSED-MILK SANDWICHES, fulfilling the James' job description.
  19. Megan: "Walking round a wall is a sign of an uninventive mind."
  20. Carol will be late due to time management.
  21. They're only translated as 'sandwich' because we wouldn't come up with something so silly. 7-4-1. Carried. [Smurgos. Sw.: bread; filling; no more bread.]
  22. One must exit the Union with the eyes to the right and the nose to the left. Similarly on a Swedish passport photo.
  23. Carol could do something with the money that isn't for 15½th, but won't. 5-1-3-2 [Liz dragon, Ignatious half-panda-half-dragon]. [Testaments, not that there will be any money. Ed.]
  24. Rachel has a half-dragon-half-penguin in her head. It's called Edward and is lovely.
  25. Reading: OT8 – Expotition to the North Pole.
  26. Nominate Jack for Singing Pooh as distinct from Speaking Pooh. 10-2-1. Carried.
  27. Will hasn't been in drag in Newnham for several months.
  28. Annie apologises for next week - friend visiting from Wales.
  29. Carol, Alicia, Twillo, James, Jack, Liz pay PL.
  30. Roseanna not Rosie.
  31. Closed 4-7-2-1 [Ignatious: "Curses, foiled again!"]. FAILED.
  32. Rachel has not gone to bed yet, so it's still Friday. 6-5-1. Carried.
  33. Slept with RON in two, two-hour slots, so it's Sunday. 6-5-1. Carried.
  34. [Blank I]. 7-4-1. Carried.
  35. It can't be Sunday. 7-3-1. Carried.
  36. Many happy returns a day early [Elena b'day]. 10-0-2. Carried.
  37. *[Blank II]. 4-4-3 [Hung: CR decides For].
  38. Ignatious: "Say something else, somebody, say something else". 5-3-3. Carried.
  39. The Moon is made of grapefruit and Ignatius is Emperor of the World. 2-5-1-2 [Roseanna: Gruyère, Carol: Ignatius for President]. Failed. [This might have been what Blank II was supposed to be - they can second faster than I can write. Ed.]
  40. That seems to be the solution to the Christopher Robin problem. 4-4-2-1 [Elena: "Buark buark buark buark"] [Hung: CR decides Against].
  41. This statement has not been seconded. 5-4-1. Carried.
  42. We have two blank motions. 6-2-2. Carried.
  43. We have to hang this one*. 4-0-3-1 [Liz: death penalty is crue [sic.]].
  44. We're not fixing the vote or anything at all. 5-5-1-1 [Ed: "Some sort of invisible dragon but you don't know that"] [Hung: CR decides Against].
  45. Rachel has not seconded anything all meeting. 3-3-4 [Hung: CR decides For].
  46. Close the meeting. 7-0-4.
Liz initially -> Bazil.

Bazil to host if she can get a Jesus Party (>5) Permit, else Ed.

Italic votes recorded by Ignatious as penance for excessive seconding.

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