Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Elevenses Meeting

In which try-outs for the post of Secretary are held.

Held on Saturday 8th November 2008 in Malcolm St.

Present: Bazil, Chris (Mr Bazil), Ed, Ignatious, James, CGM, Rachel, Elena.
Later present: Jack, Alicia.

  1. Meeting opened 4.05.
  2. Bazil pays Ed PL; ED OWES SOCIETY 2.
  3. Book exchange.
  4. Normality and other teas: "Sigh" 5-1-1. Carried.
  5. Visitors can vote. 7-0-0. Carried.
  6. Ed needs to find new text styles to denote who minuted what. [Elena B, James I [&VI], Ignatious BI. Ed.]
  7. We're nominating Ed to be Actually Charlotte, Illegible or Otherwise.
  8. 'Ed for Charlotte' would be more amusing.
  9. CR is designed to be Alex.
  10. Will was emergency backup competence, but then he died. [Congratulations to Eeyore's son Evil Paul. Ed.]
  11. This is all terribly well choreographed. 7-0-2. Carried
  12. Gaah! Speaking! Difficult! 6-2-1. Carried
  13. Being witty is not compulsory. 4-3-1. Carried
  14. James will bring party hats and binoculars to the WTP Search Party [Testaments in charity shops. Ed.].
  15. Reading: OT2 – Pooh Goes Visiting.
  16. A separate humming Pooh. 7-1-0. Carried.
  17. CGM should stand Ignatius for something just to be annoying. 8-0-0-1 [Ignatious: "Is there a point to this?"].
  18. At the AGM the whole Universe resets; at the EGM we just fix the broken bits.
  19. There's a post of Eventually?
  20. Will would trust James with his life so he can nominate him for anything.
  21. Rachel: "I can make you vote for me". 2-5-0-2 [Alicia ambiguous statement].
  22. Most people Jack knows never don't talk about science fiction.
  23. Wow! That's… really intelligent! 7-0-2. Carried.
  24. The tree is floating. 8-0-0-1 [Alicia floating pandas.].
  25. Floating trees are their major export. 6-2-1. Carried.
  26. There are too many Rachels. 3-3-3 [Hung: visitor decides against].
  27. Tea! Cake! Pointless democracy!
  28. They tend to be quite short. We open the meeting, vote on the important thing, & then close the meeting before anyone has time to second anything stupid [We might need to show the minutes to the bank! Ed.]. 4-4-0-1 [Ed: <Muttley snigger>] [CR decides for].
  29. CGM: "Clearly I am just bad person". 2-3-5. Failed.
  30. That's quite a scary thing: you're just coming out of the shower and a Poohsoccer grabs you. 10-0-0. Carried unanimously.
  31. Mandate everyone to grab each other. 2-5-1. Failed.
  32. Ed was attacked by the ceiling. 5-0-2-1 [mutual disagreement].
  33. GCM can't count (or something like that). 0-8-1. Failed.
  34. I didn't mean to do it, but you were asking for it. 5-3-0-1 [That's what she said].
  35. It's acceptable to paraphrase… 7-1-1. Carried.
  36. Ignatius to minute. 5-2-2. Carried.
  37. What do you do with an underground zeppelin? 2-2-2-1 [airship] [CR decides for].
  38. More tea. 6-2-0. Carried.
  39. Jack: "'I'm trying to teach you things - stop arguing about Latin plurals'". 1-8-0. Failed.
  40. Poohsoc could propose a vote of no confidence in Her Majesty's Government [We could tell her next time she is invited to the Garden Party. Ed.].
  41. Poohsoc has no confidence in Her Majesty's Government. 4-2-2-1 [Some, but not very much].
  42. We should keep that written down. Some>2-2-1. Carried.
  43. Drinking games during lectures*.
  44. 'Candidates should not attempt to write on more than one side of the paper at once'. 7-0-0. Carried.
  45. You could have some really fussy wasps who build a tetrahedron or something. 6-1-1. Carried.
  46. Ignatius is not amused. 7-1-0. Carried.
  47. Ignatius saw that one coming. 5-2-1-1 [Ooh-err].
  48. James: "The next motion fails." 5-1-2-1 [Paradoxical].
  49. James: "The previous motion passes." 5-3-1. Carried.
  50. James: "It only causes problems if both of the above pass." 1-4-3. Failed.
  51. Closed 8-0-1.
* [The Numbers & Sets Game: 1 shot each time Prof. Johnstone says "trivial", "obvious bijection" or mumbles. Ed.]

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