Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Extraordinary Elevenses Meeting

In which we are on an Expotition to a goth ceilidh* or somesuch.

Held on Friday 21st November 2008 on Cambridge Station and Train to London.

Present – Alicia, Rachel, Roseanna, Jacob, Will, Andrew.

  1. 18.12 - Meeting opened.
  2. Motion that visitors can vote. 3-0-0-0.
  3. Motion to get on the train. 3-0-1-0.
  4. Motion not to read minutes of last meeting. 3-0-1-0.
  5. Enter Andrew and Will.
  6. Alicia and Roseanna sing a rainbow at the sight of Will.
  7. There are no Mathmos here, no, really, there aren’t.
  8. Maths is discussed.
  9. Andrew is a Compsci- not a Mathmo- it’s more practical.
  10. More Maths, this time including the weather… for some reason.
  11. Wine Gums happen.
  12. Rachel gets her sewing out.
  13. Her sewing kit is admired.
  14. “That’s rather, sort of seventies.”
  15. Alicia’s Old-English lecturer must have been in Poohsoc… oo-er.
  16. One-eyed garlic-seller riddle is silly.
  17. Riddle 44 is dirty… or not.
  18. “Dirty Old-English poetry was read.”
  19. Discussion of assassins and failsome big guns.
  20. He managed to squirt her with a little syringe.
  21. Amy deserved to die.
  22. They all deserve to die. 2-2-2-0.
  23. Will rings James- we were right. Only one committee member is needed to open a meeting, so the meeting is legit.
  24. We don’t get to do human sacrifice and that sort of thing.
  25. Will must wear pink tights with Rachel’s skirt.
  26. Alicia is the same height as a thirteen-year-old.
  27. “I thought trustees were something you got in prisons.” – Jacob.
  28. The Garden of Earthly Delights, but by Picasso.
  29. Will disappears.
  30. Some ASNACs are reincarnations of King Athelstan.
  31. We discuss our strange dreams- hoovering, Winnie the Pooh and Jacob being unable to brake.
  32. Bike maintenance.
  33. Cars are better than bikes – you kill the people you hit, not the other way around.
  34. Will returns in a skirt and PINK tights.
  35. Strapless dress + jumping = bad.
  36. Tights are stretchy.
  37. They’re indigestible.
  38. Andrew has not discovered suspenders.
  39. It’ll go away in a minute. 2-1-3-0.
  40. Will is the voice of Molly.
  41. I shouldn’t write down everything I hear. 1-2-2-0.
  42. Jacob is 25. 0-2-4-0.
  43. Jacob shall immolate himself immediately.
  44. “I’m not walking around London taking minutes!” 1-2-1-0.
  45. We must hang a vote so we’d have to ring James. 2-2-2-0. {James does not answer his phone but decides in favour on 22nd of November}
  46. Ha ha nobody cares, Christopher Robin has fallen downstairs. 1-1-4-0.
  47. We can censure Alicia for not saying [spit] after “Sheila”. 2-0-3-1 (“Sheila”).
  48. Close the meeting. 2-0-4-0.
*Glorystrokes - 'possibly the world's only traditional English metalcore dance band'.

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