Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Holiday Meeting

In which potatoes feature prominently.

Held on Saturday 29th November 2008 in Park Lodge.

Present- CGM, Alicia, Elena, Ed, Roseanna, Bazil, Mr. Bazil, Carol, Ignatius, Matt, James, Annie, Thomas, Katie.

  1. 16.10 – Meeting opened.
  2. Amid grating and peeling of potatoes, there is discussion of Pastafarian Christmas foods.
  3. We would like Elena not to grate herself.
  4. Drinking other people’s blood is generally a bad idea.
  5. Alicia is an efficient potato-peeler.
  6. You never know when you might need more potatoes.
  7. Silence, as potato-grating and cookery happens.
  8. Enter Bazil and Mr. Bazil (Chris).
  9. Enter Carol, James, Ignatius and Matt.
  10. It makes it easier to bleed when your hands are non-white and bloodless.
  11. It’s better to avoid grating yourself. 7-0-0-0.
  12. Ed donates some new books.
  13. Ed reads “The Dormouse and the Doctor”.
  14. We join in on the “red”s and “blue”s.
  15. Enter Annie.
  16. Annie has brought blue lemonade.
  17. Wanting to make an omelette is a good reason for bringing mushrooms and eggs.
  18. Yellow or elephants? Elephants.
  19. Ignatius is wearing his skittle, but James has lost his crab.
  20. We read “King John’s Christmas”.
  21. Jon cannot come to Poohsoc because he says he is asleep.
  22. The short answer to “Is there milk?” is “No”.
  23. The long answer is “Nooooooo”.
  24. We ring Will to bring milk, hopefully less than a week old.
  25. Enter ex-Tigger and another (Thomas and Katie).
  26. Hotels don’t take kindly to people taking their mugs.
  27. There are two long-haired, tall, bearded Tiggers.
  28. Apparently Christmas is now rum and brandy. 3-3-4-1 (Ed- port).
  29. Visitors can vote. Lots-0-0-0.
  30. Potatoes can vote. 9-6-0-1 (bananas).
  31. Home Secretary can vote on behalf of potatoes. 2-11-0-0.
  32. No power to Ignatius. 11-1-2-0.
  33. You can never have too many spoons. 10-2-1-1 (spoo-oon).
  34. We should either ask ambiguous questions or not.
  35. <Last week’s minutes> are read.
  36. Censure CGM for knocking over the plasticy thing. 7-3-1-0.
  37. Sugar in rum is traditionally a German Christmas thing.
  38. Carrots left in Trinity might behave differently to carrots in other places.
  39. Commend the omelette. 8-2-1-0.
  40. Round of applause for the omelette.
  41. The potatoes aren’t doing much with their voting rights.
  42. James will let Will in via the door.
  43. Will ingressus est.
  44. Tigger meets Tigger.
  45. Milk arrives.
  46. Will brought chillies.
  47. Lots of conversation which I feel unable to completely document.
  48. A riddle. 98% attributed to Einstein.
  49. We should sing or something else ridiculous.
  50. Arrrrrgggh! Do something entertaining *waves spatula*.
  51. Most people are not you [Will]. 11-1-1-0.
  52. The potato wants to propose a motion to censure all those who voted against Ignatius being their spokesvoter. 6-7-1-0.
  53. Hot water happens.
  54. Ed reads “Brownies”.
  55. Chillies are brought into contact with tea.
  56. Ed reads “The Alchemist”.
  57. Chillies and tea fails- more chillies must be used.
  58. Seasonings greetings and condiments of the season.
  59. Hot chocolate is not a type of tea. 11-2-1-0.
  60. We do not talk to LARPers. 10-2-1-0.
  61. Reading of “Pooh and Piglet Go Hunting and Nearly Capture a Woozle”.
  62. Commend James for not telling Will to bring his slash. 12-1-1-0.
  63. It’s a rather good pile. 11-1-1-0.
  64. I’m allowed to shoot people who second things too much. 9-0-1-3 (Define “shoot”; speak up; rubber band).
  65. Censure Will for matchmaking. 11-2-1-0.
  66. Motion to commend Elena for the food. Lots-1-1-1 (Will wanted to vote “for”).
  67. Mandate James to do research. 11-0-1-0. {7th December… James did do research- on the tastiness of his plums. All were not.}
  68. Simultaneously congratulate and censure Will for not writing the slash. 9-1-1-1 (pandas).
  69. Awww you’re so romantic. 8-1-3-1 (chocolate box).
  70. Will is not a girl. 4-4-3-0. C.R. decides against.
  71. Technically you and Alicia may now be slash. 2-1-8-0.
  72. James should be forced to write slash fiction. 4-6-1-1 (mash fiction).
  73. Matt talks maths. People join in.
  74. People can put work off themselves and do not need Will’s help. 11-0-2-0.
  75. The UL doesn’t bite. 10-0-3-0.
  76. It swallows whole. 6-1-5-1 (it swallows a lot).
  77. Will is lovely. 6-4-2-0.
  78. You can complain about lovely things. 11-0-2-1 (whine whine whine).
  79. Close the meeting. 9-2-1-0.

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