Minutes of the Extraordinary Dancing Meeting

In which Ed feeds us pizza and we go dancing.

Held on Wednesday the 10th December 2008 in the corridor outside Ed’s room, various bits of outside and a Place of Dancing.

Present – Will, Alicia, Rachel, Roseanna, Ed, Bec, Ben and later some dancers.
Later – Peter, Alison, Jacob.
  1. Scientists don’t have paper. 3-1-1-0.
  2. Scientists don’t have pizza. 0-4-1-0.
  3. Motion that visitors can vote. 4-0-1-0.
  4. We should have a meeting where visitors can’t vote.
  5. Ben tries to motion that we shouldn’t vote on any more motions, but we conclude that this would mean James would have absolute power… bad.
  6. Don’t be left alone in a room with Mickey Donaghey.
  7. Will thinks an in depth discussion of Linux kernels with your girlfriend would be hot.
  8. Ed rushes off to his computer at the realisation that it is Wednesday.
  9. Will’s politeness deprives him of pizza.
  10. People turn up late- they suffer. 5-1-1-0.
  11. We’re going to have a reading. 3-3-1-0. (We ‘phone C.R. twice but he doesn’t answer.) C.R. decides “for” on January 10th.
  12. Will fails. 3-1-3-0.
  13. You can invent science. 4-2-1-0.
  14. Terry Pratchett is higher on Will’s list than Maths, according to Alicia.
  15. Will would totally have done Stephen Fry playing Oscar Wilde.
  16. We discuss who should play Aziraphale in a film of “Good Omens”.
  17. 7/4 is nearly 2. 3-2-2-0.
  18. James, we have 27 motions for you to decide. 2-2-1-2 (pandas). (as above). C.R. decides “for” on January 10th.
  19. Will’s ‘phone has a stylus.
  20. Sim cards and difficulty in ‘phoning James.
  21. Ed shouted something about pirates.
  22. Tumbleweed.
  23. Weird hand thing (I am informed this is “awkward turtle”).
  24. Strange music emanates from Ed’s room. We are assured it is something to do with Pirates of the Caribbean.
  25. Alicia came bearing Party Rings.
  26. Ben has missed nothing.
  27. It is Pirates of the Caribbean but with a techno beat.
  28. Ed emerges in a town-crier, piratesque hat.
  29. This is healthy? OH NO!
  30. “I don’t know, you don’t know, neither does the cow”.
  31. Will can’t not tease people; it’s not in his personality.
  32. If Will wasn’t mean to people, people would think something was wrong with him.
  33. Stephen Fry can’t be wrong, he’s clever and gay.
  34. Accio Ignatius. 4-0-1-1 (wingardium leviosa).
  35. Churchill don’t have gowns, they’re weird like that.
  36. Alicia brings light into Will’s life.
  37. Rachel commends Alicia by herself.
  38. Please don’t kill yourself with that chair, Will.
  39. CICCU are pirates, and therefore clearly have tight-fitting, leather trousers.
  40. Will broke it! FAIL!
  41. Ed fixed the hat, and has to crawl under Will’s legs.
  42. Clean plates are distributed.
  43. Will is wearing hi-vis… I can’t quite work out who needs to see him so badly inside Churchill.
  44. Ginger cake society for killing people in assassins. Almost as good as “Do you have my fish?”.
  45. We cannot see Will as an evil dictator or a psycho murderer, much to his chagrin.
  46. I suggest we close the meeting. 2-3-1-0.
  47. Damn. 2-0-1-2 (Hoover Dam; Severn River).
  48. Ed’s anti-slouch chair- transport of the future.
  49. Nyoowm.
  50. We will bury Will with a giant water-pistol when he dies.
  51. Dring! Dring!
  52. Yay for pedantry. 3-2-1-1 (five- Ben).
  53. Ben fails, thrice over.
  54. And again.
  55. Yoink.
  56. We wander dance-ward.
  57. Cold!
  58. Churchill’s paving slabs are just the right size.
  59. Argh! Dark! Can’t see the minutes!
  60. Or the floor… oops.
  61. We arrive at the place of dancing.
  62. Dancing happens, more successfully for some than for others.
  63. Jacob can count.
  64. A confusing dance. But at least in the slow dances you have time to sort yourself out.
  65. This is one of the traditional ones- it’s not supposed to work right.
  66. We are called “cowards”.
  67. Will commences the minuting in order to avoid dancing.
  68. Alison asks a silly question. She was worried.
  69. Ron is sorry for the delay.
  70. Making Naomi laugh will make it all go to pot. 3-2-1-1 (Peter is 16).
  71. The hi-fi is ill.
  72. Will covers the minutes in his lergified tissues.
  73. Lurgy is spelt with a “u”.
    * “spelled” (The English teacher vindicates “spelt”). Bother.
  74. Jacob is sitting on a kid’s chair.
  75. Lurgy really is spelled with a “u”.
  76. Roseanna attempts to reclaim the minutes.
  77. The secretary disagrees with this spelling of “lergy” and has reclaimed the minutes, so :P.
  78. She loses them again after being wrong twice.
  79. There are no mistakes in “that”, damnit. 1-1-2-2 (“this”- Rachel; I’m in the middle of a dance, stop asking me silly questions – Alicia). C.R. decides “for” on January 10th.
  80. The secretary once more has control of the minutes.
  81. Motion not to have a reading. 2-0-1-0.
  82. Motion not to read the minutes of the previous meeting. 2-0-1-0.
  83. Close the meeting. 2-0-1-0.4.05pm - Meeting opened.

    Italicised minutes were taken by Will.

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