Minutes of Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which we consider lesbianism in vocab tests.

Held on Saturday 3rd October in Carol’s room, Newnham

Present: Ignatius, Will, Alicia, James, Carol, Roseanna
Later: Jack

4.27pm – Meeting opened.

  1. There are brownies.
  2. As a point, “science fiction” is not a word, it’s a phrase. 2-2-1-1  (it’s two words).
  3. “He’s not the Pope; he’s an intruder.”
  4. “You could have Rome with a hole in it.”
  5. Minutes from holidays.
  6. Carol disapproves of the secretary’s plan to lock children up for science.
  7. “I’m glad that ended in ‘supermodels’.”
  8. James is scandalised by the sight of Will’s legs.
  9. (“The truth will out”)
    “Or James will out.” 3-1-2-0.
  10. “James only does it when you’re not in the room. Please stay.”
  11. ‘Pastels’ made Ignatius think of camels.
  12. “I’m fully aware that I’m not an artificial intelligence; I’m not intelligent.”
  13. A joke, that has been made previously, is discussed.
  14. Ed uses the royal we.
  15. “As much as lesbianism would improve vocab’ tests, from my point of view” – Ed. 3-0-2-1 (No, just no).
  16. “I disapprove of lesbianism in my vocab tests.” – Roseanna. 1-1-4-0.
  17. “I don’t presume to comment on Roseanna and her vocab’ tests.” – Ed. 3-2-1-0.
  18. “She’s not a lesbian, she’s with amnesty international.” 5-0-1-0.
  19. Some people the undersecretary doesn’t know are discussed.
  20. Jack enters.
  21. It’s like a chop-stick, except one half is black and the other half is pretty. 2-3-1-1 (only a teeny bit racist).
  22. They fixed Sainsbury’s.
  23. It is an adverb, it exists.
  24. Babo. (bah-bow).
  25. The stomache of the dog displays digital photo’s.
  26. Finley the baby ASNaC.
  27. You want to swing like a gibbon. 4-0-1-2 (I disapprove of swinging; James wants to swing like a gibbon.)
  28. Alicia has no diaphragm.
  29. He’ll do that thing, where he’s really ugly...
  30. Anathem was written by A. A. Milne. 3-2-2-0.
  31. Will and Alicia wrestle on the chaise-longue.
  32. Will’s hair is green and his face is blue.
  33. An old meme is summoned from places best left undisturbed.
  34. Kuala Lumpur. 5-0-1-0.
  35. I have made a hole in Roseanna. 2-3-1-0.
  36. Will should have his fingernails cut. 3-1-3-0.
  37. Cunning, like a weasel with a moustache, which could also use, but wouldn’t be quite as neat.
  38. We read OTII.
  39. Mallory is clearly superior to your old Welsh languages.
  40. The voice of Dr. Anderson joins us by telephonic device.
  41. Close. 5-0-1-0.
The Secretary wishes to make it clear that by “Ed” James means “Ignatius”.

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