Minutes of Freshers' Tea 2009 of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which Denmark can't be depressing, and James defuses a pineapple bomb.

Held on Saturday 3rd October in Carol’s room, Newnham

Present: Ignatius, James, Roseanna, Simon, Clare, Gemma, Tan, Ruth, Liz, Ed Anderson, Max, Annie, Stefan, Carol.


  1. Visitors can vote. 3-0-0-0.
  2. The many varieties of tea are confusing.
  3. Furniture is moved.
  4. Many normal members are absent due to Molly [Normal? In Molly? Ed.].
  5. Introductions.
  6. James’ interesting fact is not interesting and was stolen from the Maths Department’s website.
  7. CULES heckles inefficiently.
  8. There was an outrage in King’s about the Burlesque.
  9. I suggest Will as the sacrificial victim to read the new Winnie the Pooh book. 9-0-0-0.
  10. Whose pineapple is this? 7-1-1-1.
  11. We’ve seconded everything in the past. 6-0-4-1.
  12. James carefully defuses the pineapple bomb.
  13. Another fresher enters.
  14. ‘Crazy people’ generally covers it. 10-0-1-0.
  15. “Babylonians used base sixty.”
    “Yeah, and look where that got them.”
  16. Enter Carol.
  17. “Prostituting a photocopier? That’s a horrible thought.”
  18. We read OTVIII.
  19. The Phantom Knock...
  20. Censure Ed Anderson for Sheila-like reading. 5-0-5-1 (crocodile-headed abominations).
  21. Commend Simon for Pooh-singing. 9-0-1-1 (Well if I get censured like that I’ll read in a Clanger’s voice next time).
  22. The Alphabet: The Musical.
  23. ‘I’ doesn’t have the god-complex.
  24. We discuss fire alarms.
  25. We are told about the Robinson Cheese Society.
  26. No it doesn’t, our Lord was not a Pelican. 5-2-3-0.
  27. Denmark is depressing. 1-0-7-1 (it can’t be depressing – there are Vikings there).
  28. Censure the Mathmos for non-Pooh-related discussion. 4-2-3-2 (We apologise for going off on a tangent; next time we’ll get Schur’s Lemma damnit).
  29. Close. 8-0-1-0.

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