Minutes of Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which it is asserted that there is a difference between funny and non-felonious.

Held on Saturday 17th October in James' Room, Burrell's Field.

Present: Simon, James, Rob, Rachel, Ed, Ruth, Gemma, Liz, Max, Ignatius, Roseanna, Will, Alicia, Sebastian, Jack.

  1. Ignatius has paid Pooh Levy.
  2. There is un-minute-able chaos.
  3. So I shan’t minute it.
  4. Inappropriate tea bags. You never know.
  5. Rachel is our treasurer, not just opportunistic.
  6. Visitors can vote. 4-2-1-0.
  7. I would have seconded it, then I’d have to minute it and ask people to vote on it and that would just be effort. 7-1-3-0.
  8. Ed to stop explaining. 4-5-1-2 (And this is how you spoil a ballot; penalty card).
  9. Alicia paid Pooh Levy.
  10. Will pays Pooh Levy.
  11. “You say “need”, I say “no”.”
  12. Surely where it ends is what matters, not where it starts?
  13. I blame Will. 4-4-4-0 CR – for.
  14. Chaos returns.
  15. Ed [& VCR] reads a poem about Christopher Robin (Journey’s End).
  16. Minutes of the previous meeting are read.
  17. Will explains some Maths. “Draw a star with a pen of one colour.” This sounds like primary school.
  18. Censure for non-Pooh-related discussion. 8-3-1-0.
  19. No hybrids. As soon as it’s half spoil it’s all spoil.
  20. Ed displays a lack of taste in biscuits.
  21. Book grants; most colleges lack them. Οἰμοί!
  22. The secretary refuses to commit suicide (she’d get blood on the minutes). 9-3-0-1 (it was entirely an accident her falling out of the window).
  23. No spirally mangoes.
  24. I should throw something at Will. 12-0-0-1 (cake is most definitely something).
  25. Will and James hold hands. Aww sweet.
  26. Censure Ed and Will for ungentlemanly behaviour. 6-2-1-1 (Ignatius).
  27. Rob leaves.
  28. That wasn’t a motion, that was just me minuting something. 3-1-3-0.
  29. Mandate Will and James to do the hokey-cokey. 9-3-1-0.
  30. The secretary should write faster. 4-1-4-2 (the secretary should write stranger; the secretary should write more legibly).
  31. “faster” “stranger”
  32. Rachel is a numpty.
  33. Does Will have ticklish feet? Science? But Will’s feet...
  34. Reading of NTIV.
  35. Censure Will for breaking book. 9-1-1-1 (it was Alicia who ripped the page out of the book).
  36. There is plotting to push the secretary out of the window.
  37. Harrumph.
  38. Enter Jack.
  39. The society may consider CGM’s Pooh Levy to be paid, although the postal service appears to have stolen it.
  1. We received post from CGM.
  2. We’re running everything. 13-1-0-2 (if you’re running everything, can you help the Round committee?; all hail the Glorious President).
  3. Set your girlfriend on fire and she’ll be warm for the rest of her life. (Will to James) 5-9-0-0.
  4. There’s a difference between funny and non-felonious. 6-1-4-1 (SURPRISE!).
  5. “Mother tell your children not to do what I have done, to spend your life in sin and misery, at the House of the Rising Sun.” – Ed [I’m not sure which one, sorry – Roseanna][I think that was me. Eor].
  6. Simon and James sing “House of the Rising Sun”.
  7. “I very nearly used Ramsay Theory for something the other day but then I didn’t.” – Jack.
  8. Commend the secretary. 9-1-1-0.
  9. “I imagine some internal bits of Simon are pink.”
  10. If someone is disabled, telling them to be disabled is quite rude.
  11. “If someone is occasionally disabled...” – Rachel. 5-4-3-1 (the disability is a periodic function).
  12. Commend VCR on digging a labyrinthine hole. 11-1-0-1 (something to do with IKEA).
  13. Inability to do Maths is a disability. 3-5-1-1 (is this motion under the assumption that Mathmos can do Maths?).
  14. Pizza is always useful. 9-2-0-1 (But Domino’s don’t stay open late enough) [clearly they heard us, they now stay open until 5am, yay! – Roseanna].
  15. Unminutable chaos.
  16. You’re breaking languages; please stop. 12-2-0-0.
  17. “I’m making sweeping generalisations, thank-you very much.”
  1. “Is it not a heraldic dolphin?”
  2. “I’m James’ temporary replacement.”
    “I object to this.”
  3. Cambridge Maths graduate; world cage-fighting champion. 7-4-3-0.
  4. Alicia’s drawing verb trees. 7-2-1-1 (I’m verbing her tree).
  5. English has syntax. 9-4-0-1 (We can has syntax).
  6. Jack pays Pooh Levy.
  7. Will, go back to the article. 12-0-0-0.
  8. Close. 13-0-0-0.
The secretary apologises for her inability to count (again).

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