Post-Freshers'-Poohsticks Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which swans have keels and the President is mildly mortifying.

Held on Saturday 24th October in The Granta.

Present: James, Alicia, Ed, Simon, Ignatius, Sebastian, Roseanna.
Later: Will.

  1. Commend Alicia’s tree. 6-0-1-0.
  2. Visitors can vote. 4-1-0-0.
  3. Commend Sebastian on winning freshers’ Pooh Sticks. 6-0-1-0.
  4. Sebastian is now the first mate of Pooh Sticks.
  5. Simon pays Pooh Levy (to Roseanna, who will pass it on to the treasurer).
  6. Alcohol is purchased, much of it pear cider.
  7. Swans have keels.
  8. The clocks go back tonight-ish.
  9. Ed wins at cake. 5-1-1-1 (only with chocolate).
  10. Minutes of the previous week.
  11. Will enters.
  12. Commend Will for his spectacular outfit. 6-1-0-2 (it’s a sombrero; Molly poncho of Molly).
  13. Will addresses James as “Jimmy-Wimmy”.
  14. Commend James for being adorable. 5-1-0-2 (do it again; commend James for being wuverly).
  15. Ed reads “Exposition” (Introduction to the Apocrypha).
  16. We read OTIX.
  17. The people in the Granta are being very Rude. They are talking during our reading.
  18. Simon and Sebastian depart.
  19. Close. General acclamation.

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