Minutes of Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which Lottie is Plato and Piglet is Wolverine?, and the cake arrives.

Held on Saturday 31st October in Ignatius' Room, Burrell's Field.

Present: Carol, James, Alicia, Will, Roseanna.
Later: Ed, Tim, Simon, Ignatius, Max, Annie, Jack.

3.58pm – Meeting opened.

  1. Carol’s hair is sufficiently wavy for now.
  2. “Ok, I think you’re just weird, but ok.”
  3. Barclay’s are fail.
  4. Annie is being fetched.
  5. Mafias and Matthews are confused.
  6. The meeting is open. 6-1-1-1 (a red heffalump).
  7. Don’t do so. 7-1-2-2 (that’s a terrible idea, do it, do it, do it; ooh Tigger, ooh Tigger, ooh Tigger).
  8. It’s all going horribly wrong. 7-0-1-1 (the Duke is dead, it’s all going horribly well).
  9. Visitors can vote. 7-0-1-0.
  10. “The cake is a lie.”
  11. Science is now a verb. 8-2-1-1 (in your verb, nouning your verbs).
  12. Un-minute-able chaos.
  13. Physics is how stuff works; Materials Science is how stuff works; Engineering is how stuff works. 6-1-1-2 (ASNaC is how stuff works; who cares about stuff, Latin is not how anything works).
  14. Classics is not the opposite of penetration.
  15. Discussion of penetration allows discussion in the room to be unified. Hurrah.
  16. Discussion turns to Dr. Who.
  17. Sulking President is sulking. 7-3-1-4 (sulking President is smirking suspiciously; unhelpful secretary is unhelpful; Ringworld is dynamically unstable; Achilles).
  18. I blame James, what have you done to her? 6-3-3-0.
  19. OTIII – for there are woozles, which are spooky.
  20. We could elect a Betamax. 8-2-2-1 (it would make you go faster).
  21. Ed reads in Scots.
  22. Deer only come out on bank holidays; the rest of the time, they’re busy accounting.
  23. Censure Ed for heresy. 4-4-2-0 CR – against (but less so when provided with context).
  24. Lottie is Plato or Charles Xavier.
  25. Piglet is Wolverine...
  26. Pumpkin recipes are discussed.
  27. James doesn’t have to worry about werewolves for another couple of days.
  28. Ed reads more from the Apocrypha.
  29. Gratias agimus A. A. Milnei Benedictoque? Will objects.
  30. This is actually an academic society. 1-3-2-0.
  31. We attempt to explain the Sheila/PoohSoc rivalry.
  32. Max exit.
  33. Ed hosts next week.
  34. Close. 8-1-0-0.

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