Minutes of the Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which we are introduced to the Happy Noose, and James is declared dance-retardent.

Held on Saturday 14th November in Roseanna’s Room, Newnham.

Present: Present: Will, Ignatius, Simon, Annie, James, Roseanna.
Later: Jack, Carol, Elena, Ed, Alicia [Pride&Prej. @Arts Theatre. Ed.].

  1. Jamaican Ginger Cake with Rum is approved.
  2. The cake is deemed “profitably Christmas”.
  3. Snow is discussed.
  4. Enter Jack.
  5. Ignatius – angelic or chicken?
  6. I [James] would yoink the minutes if I wanted to, but I don’t. 4-2-0-0.
  7. Our parents are novelists.
  8. Building plans are discussed.
  9. He’s bald, it made him more streamlined.
  10. Last week’s minutes.
  11. That’s not how you spell “plaiting”. For one thing, the “a” comes after the “l”. 7-0-0-0.
  12. Ad-blocker blocks ads.
  13. Enter Elena.
  14. Carol is good at hypnosis.
  15. Censure for non-Pooh-related discussion. 3-2-1-1 (sooooorry).
  16. Elena pays Pooh Levy.
  17. Family-Ness.
  18. The Happy Noose is not like Happy-Ness.
  19. Gay Bar is played.
  20. Ed plays us some more music.
  21. Carol returns with apple pasties.
  22. “This is the book of poor structural integrity”.
  23. NTV.
  24. Commend Carol on apple tarts. 10-0-1-0.
  25. Shut up. 4-3-0-1 (the secretary does have an honorary Beeble-bear).
  26. I really want to vote on the motion. 6-2-2-1 (I want to spoil).
  27. Commend Will on 40’s-ish singing. 6-1-1-2 (ha!; I’m not middle-aged yet).
  28. We should polish Alicia. 6-2-0-2 (you can borrow my nail polish; it’s a capital “p”).
  29. Will has now been given enough rope.
  30. Can we not have a noose around Alicia’s neck? 9-0-0-1 (nooses can be kinky?).
  31. James is dance-retardant.
  32. Annie exit.
  33. Annie to host next week.
  34. Close. 8-0-0-1 (closing Roseanna’s mum).
P.S. Mysterious post is investigated.

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