Minutes of the Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which unruly members are subjected to the Seal of Disapproval. Arf, arf!

Held on Saturday 21st November in Annie’s Room, King's.

Present: Simon, Will, Annie, Ignatius, Carol, James, Alicia, Max, Ed.

4.09pm – Meeting Opened.

  1. James forgets his own birthday.
  2. Annie attacks Will with a Malcolm.
  3. Alicia doesn’t care. 7-0-0-1 (But Coryan shooteded me).
  4. Censure people for unsocietal activities. 3-4-0-1 (Censure Ed Anderson’s wife for insufficient leash usage).
  5. “Mmm... triangular.”
  6. “I was expecting a book about origami so a letter about blood-sucking and some plastic cups was quite suprising.”
  7. Dancey talk occurs.
  8. James attempts to censure the dancey folk.
  9. Will turns into a Maths guru.
  10. Unminuteable chaos.
  11. Censure Max for being wrong about infinitives. 5-2-1-0.
  12. Grammar turns into cocktails turns into Classicist science.
  13. It’s behind you, Ignatius.
  14. The conversations are mutually exclusive.
  15. Will hugs James, to humorous effect.
  16. Annie reclines inelegantly.
  17. We read “The Search for Small”.
  18. Mandate Will to stop being weird like that. 3-4-1-0.
  19. Ed reads “Summer Afternoon”.
  20. His heart wasn’t in it.
  21. Ignatius looks like he’s going to say something I’m going to object to. 7-0-0-2 (Alicia, Annie, Carol, you fill in the rest; bondage with Roseanna).
  22. Can you pass me the seal of disapproval? 9-0-1-1 (*Alicia makes seal noise with hand actions*).
  23. Ignatius throws money.
  24. Commend the old pen for a long and glorious life. 5-2-0-1 (was it longer than it was wide?).
  25. Mozart is in the room.
  26. Exit Max.
  27. Bones only peaks at Annie during the line of duty.
  28. The conversation turns to Mr. T.
  29. The fairy godmother played by “Mr. McDaddy”.
  30. Maths occurs again.
  31. Clearly, they’re incorrigible.
  32. Close. 7-1-0-0.

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