Minutes of Elevenses Meeting of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society

In which winter is all sort of navy blue, and the Secretary's hat keeps her head warm.

Held on Saturday 5th December in James' Room, Burrell's

Present: Rob, James, Ignatius, Roseanna
Later: Jack, Matt

  1. Max has apologised for absence.
  2. Rob explains where Mill Road is to the secretary.
  3. James likes winter; it’s all sort of navy-blue at four-thirty.
  4. Morris is made dirty. Or dirtier. Or something.
  5. Ignatius tells us about the fourth hardest sport.
  6. They’re still annoying tree rats and they don’t taste very nice. 2-2-0-0.
  7. Rob has paid Pooh Levy.
  8. We try to discover whether squirrels hibernate.
  9. At what time of year is it best to shoot squirrels with a water-pistol?
  10. James makes Rob look festive.
  11. No, no, you must pola with a poker face. Always. 2-1-0-1 (You must play poker with a polka face).
  13. “What, would you like to play strip robo-rally with Mickey Donaghey?”
    “No. It would involve playing robo-rally.”
  14. “The problem with strip Mao is that it’d be over too soon.”
    “Yes... that’s the primary problem with it.”
  15. Rob gets epic points for not knowing how to pronounce “Primark”.
  16. We read last week’s minutes.
  17. “Yes, I am from the future.” – Ignatius. 4-0-0-0.
  18. We discuss the great divide between Steps and S-Club 7.
  19. The secretary has lost the society’s self-respect.
  20. We read Old Testament I.
  21. Enter Jack.
  22. Commend Roseanna for dedication to method-acting. 4-0-1-0.
  23. “Ed [Ignatius], don’t think whatever you were just thinking.” 4-1-0-0.
  24. In communist Pooh-Soc, motion votes on you.
  25. It turns out my hat keeps my head warm. I’d never thought that would be one of the benefits.
  26. [What Ignatius was thinking]. 2-3-0-0.
  27. “Ed [Ignatius], you’re head’s longer than it’s wide.”
  28.  One should not be allowed to say “lol” out loud. 3-1-0-1 (hhudsitrr).
  29. Enter Matt.
  30. He is sitting on James’ bed reading a book.
  31. Close. 4-0-1-0.

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