229 1994

Present Apologies
Helen (host)
Matthew (Alexander Beetle)

  1. Helen has made a fruit cake for us - see later

  2. Matt plays with his cigarette lighter, so he hands it to Tim. James suggests the renaming of the society to the Pembroke College Pyrotechnic Society.

  3. "I've just wet myself" says Matt.

  4. "The female section of the first year has been very disappointing!,, states Matt. He then attemts to redeem himself by stressing that he was only referring to their attendance (or lack of it) at WTP meetings.

  5. James gets a knife

  6. Helen's fruit cake is hot seeing as it came out of the oven 30 mins ago. "Fruit cakes mature" says Helen. Tim says that the fruit cake has novelty value as you don't usually get hot fruit cake.

  7. "It's like a Christmas Pudding!" says Tim. "Well, it's got currents in it and it's hot .... "

  8. Paul reads the minutes of the last meeting

  9. Helen looks sheepishly at her pink mug

  10. Angela reads the reading from The House at Pooh Corner, Chapter 4, in which it is shown that tiggers don't climb trees.

    1. "Can I carry on, please?" asks Angela

    2. Angela sings Pooh's song in the style of Gregorian Chant. "Good song!" remarks Angela

    3. Paul tickles Stephen. Paul looks innocent as Angela stops reading to glare at him.

    4. Angela sings the next song in the style of Madness - or tries to.

    5. "Goodnight!" says Helen to Paul as he lies down on Helen's bed.

    6. "I am!" says Tim

    7. James attempts to raid Helen's fruit cake.

    8. Matthew retreats under the table as Helen attacks him with a packet of Sainsburys digestive biscuits, which she is attempting to throw to James in order to pacify him.

    9. Matt and James play with fire.

    10. Matt bangs his elbow

    11. "Story" demands Matthew, kicking Angela gently.

    12. Angela claims that we're worse than Brownies. "Why thankyou" says Paul.

    13. Roo was agog at the thought of seeing Christopher Robin's blue braces. He had to go to bed early the last time that he saw them.

    14. Helen states that Roo is a chain smoker.

  11. Vote of thanks to Helen for making her cake.

  12. James expresses his normally repressed Robin Hood alter ego upon confrontation with Helen's poster hangers.

  13. Matt complains that the meetings used to be pure and innocent.

  14. James wants to raise the tone of the meeting.

  15. We're going to produce a WTP questionnaire but noone could quite decide how to do it. Everyone is going to try and make up a question of two for next weeks meeting.

  16. Vote on whether we can vote or not

    for 3, against 2, abstentions 2

  17. Votes to close the meeting

    for 5, against 1, abstentions


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