Present Apologies
James (host)
Angela Merrick
Lois Adams
Miriam Craddock
Chris "friend - or - relationship" Heaton
Matt "Poohstick" Farrow
Steven Catterall
Sarah Jonas
Jamie McEwen
Katie Roberts
Emma Cockbill
Catherine Greenwood

  1. "Bother" says James as he pours tea all over his new carpet.

  2. Miriam leaves for her CUMS audition, extremely nervously.

  3. James reads the minutes of the last meeting.

  4. James imbibes his condensed milk.

  5. James reads a letter from the "one and only" Dominic White, who resigns from the post of Treasurer to WTP Soc.

  6. James reads the list of remaining honorary members, following the loss over the summer of Thomas Grey.

  7. James forgot to bring with him the "Old Testament" (amongst other things!) and so must do a penance (see later)

  8. James reads the New Testament lesson from "The House at Pooh Corner" , Chapter 9, in which Eeyore finds the Wolery and Owl moves into it.

    during which ....

    1. Sarah sneezes three times

    2. Jamie eats a Hob Nob

    3. Paul looks puzzled

    4. "Rabbit stood on one leg for a moment"

    5. "The tips of Piglet's ears glowed suddenly"

    6. "Eeyore has the damp bit down on the right that nobody wants"

    7. Chris appears to have fallen asleep

    8. Chris wakes up suddenly to the sound of general laughter

  9. A motion is moved that Richard should do a penance for getting pissed at the Pooh soc. squash.

    for 6, against 5, abstentions 3. Motion carried.

    1. Richard cannot drink alcohol at the bop tonight.

    2. Sarah complains that she didn't get any wine at the squash and neither did Katie.

    3. Motion moved to amend the previous penance for Richard

      for 11, against 0, abstentions 1. Motion carried.

    4. Richard must buy a drink for all Pooh soc. members that he meets at the bop tonight.

      for 11, against 0, abstentions 3. Motion carried.
      (yes, I KNOW the numbers don't add up. Can I help it if people don't always vote?!)

  10. Penance for James for not having coffee, milk, sugar the Old Testament in his possession for the Pooh soc. meeting.

    1. James tries to present his case and fails miserably.

  11. Paul tries to attract attention by banging in the arm of his chair.

    1. "Shut up, Mr President" says James.

  12. Pooh stick trials to be held at some point this term.

    1. Helen (Paul's friend at Pembroke, Oxford) is eager for it. (Hooray, says Paul).

  13. Poohsticks outing planned for 22nd October. Meet at the Plodge at 4pm.

  14. Formal Trough should be arranged for the end of term.

  15. Jamie and Arnie leave.

  16. We should go on a Woozle Hunt this term and give the Master back his Winnie the Pooh.

  17. Penance for Huw and Austin for not sending apologies for not attending this meeting to be decided in next weeks meeting.

  18. Penance for Alex for being nasty and demanding penances for everyone. Motion moved by Lois that Alex should go and sit on the floor while Lois takes up Alex's stately (and comfortable) place on the bed.
    For 9, against 1, abstentions 2. Alex and Lois comply.

    1. (continued from above - bad luck James!)
      Penance for James proposed by Matt - James has to wear his clothes inside out for one day.
      For 10, Against 1, abstentions 1. Motion Carried.

  19. EGM planned for three weeks time at 6 Grange Road in the Common room.

  20. Next weeks meeting will be held in X8 in Matt Farrows room.

  21. Dominic's father opened the cash box using a paper clip.

  22. James moves a motion to close the meeting.
    for 6, against 4, abstentions 3. Motion Carried



  23. James kissed Oscar.

  24. Votes to reopen the meeting
    for 8, against 1, abstentions 4. Motion carried.

    1. James moves a motion that the last vote was invalid as one can't vote on an issue if the meeting is not in session. For 0, against 2, abstentions 8. Motion defeated. (Hence the secretary reopened the meeting a while back when she felt like it!)

  25. Make Oscar the Duck an Honorary member
    For 9, against 2, abstentions 2. Motion carried.

  26. James wants to throw Oscar out of the window. Richard suggests cutting a hole in Oscar and using him as a Duck Bank. Lois wants Oscar to be the new treasurer.

  27. Alex proposes a memorial for Thomas Grey. We will place a bunch of flowers outside Hall where the cat used to sit.
    For 7, against 0, abstentions 6. Motion Carried.

  28. Paul issues a FORMAL WARNING to Richard for bringing Pooh soc. into disrepute.

  29. Someone (can't remember who, sorry!) proposes that the meeting be closed.
    For 8, against 1, abstentions 3. Motion Carried.


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