Minutes of the WTP EGM held on 29th October 1994
In N7. Pembroke College.

Sarah Jonas arrives late after writing her physiology essay

Paul declares the meeting open

0.5 In a highly efficient manner, Paul switches on the overhead projector, to reveal the schedule for the EGM

  1. Paul reads the minutes of the last EGM

  2. Paul has forgotten the ceremonial green cap

  3. Paul reads the minutes of the last meeting

  4. Pooh sticks trial minutes read by Alex

  5. Old Testament reading "When we were very young" "Lines and Squares".

    1. Tor collapses with laughter

    2. Alex gets out her camera

  6. New Testament reading in which Pooh goes visiting and gets a tight place. (Tor collapses with laughter again)

    1. Richard likes the one about Pooh sticks.

    2. Paul looks puzzled

    3. Disembodies whistling floats across the room

    4. Richard sucks his finger thoughtfully

    5. Paul gets confused with his "Rabbit" and "Pooh" voices.

    6. "Rabbit hung his washing on the south end of Pooh"

  7. We should have penances for:

    Dominic, Helen, James, Huw, Austin, Lois, Angela and Matt for not turning up to the EGM on time or sending apologies, and especially for Lois, who hasn't sent her apologies for the past two meetings that she has missed.

  8. Paul attempts to describe the post of M.[Alex takes a photo of the secretary as she composes these wonderful minutes.] M is to be the director of intelligence. Each candidate will have a representative to speak for them so that noone except Paul knows who M actually is.

  9. Paul adjourns the meeting to M9, to have a cup of tea and wait for all the people who didn't read their notice properly and thought that the EGM was actually at 4pm, not 3pm.

    During the adjournment:

    Domininc. Helen, Angela, Lois arrive.

    "Bollocks" says Dominic
    Tor brings us a cake that her mother made for her (see later)

    James arrives attired in a dark suit, raincoat, floppy hat, carrying a double bass case.

  10. Paul reopens the meeting in N7

  11. Huw and his sister arrive. Huw is wearing his new mickey mouse waistcoat - a present from his sister.

  12. Business of the meeting:

    We are going to declare war on the Sheila and her Dog soc. - there is a report presented by Richard. Apparently, the aforesaid society has been taking the name of Winnie the Pooh in vain and the society in general is a "Backstabbing", "malicious", vicious, "cocoa drinking" assembly.
    Helen suggests a cocoa embargo. James claims that a cocoa embargo would contravene the Geneva Convention. Helen decides that p'raps we'd better not contravene the Geneva Convention, despite what we'd like to do to the Sheila and her Dog society.

    Dominic says that the successful candidate should openly drink cocoa (in the true spirit of self-sacrifice) in order to obtain the trust of the Sheila and her Dog society.

    1. Alex says that it is un - pooh - like to declare war on another society.

    2. Dominic points out that Pooh declared war on Kanga, he dug holes to kill those "Sweet, innocent Heffalumps" (his words, not mine!) and tried to drown Eeyore by dropping rocks on him.
    3. Dominic tries to deny that Pooh is a homicidal maniac (again, his words, not mine!). "All of Pooh's acts were just" says Dominic.

  13. Votes to declare war on Sheila and her Dog Soc. (repeated from last meeting)
    for 10 , against 2, abstentions 2. Carried
    Votes to change the praesidium such that it has an additional role of war cabinet.

    for 10, against 3, abstentions 2. Carried.

    Votes to create the new position of M

    For 10, Against 3, Abstentions 2

  14. Representatives for the candidates for the post of M make their presentations.

    1. James, representing candidate X, code name "let", opens his double bass case to reveal his documentation concerning the Candidate X.

      X is a man of good stature ("What, physically??" asks Helen)
      X has a good knowledge of Sheila and her Dog soc. and James assures us that candidate X will do his utmost to serve society and country in a manner befitting the post of M. (That at least, is the gist of what he said!).
      Apparently, X is fairly good with a water pistol.

    2. Richard represents candidate Y, code name "bit", using the high technology of the overhead projector.
      See picture attached.

      Sheila and her dog society corrupt the mind, according to "bit". Candidate Y will draw lots of arrows and draw lots of maps and be really professional about it. He would arrange a duel at dawn with Sheila and her dog soc., with custard pies. There is a strong possibility that water pistols may enter into it. Candidate Y is "Deadly" with a water pistol.

    3. Questions from the floor to the candidates.

      a)"what colour pen would each candidate use to draw Hundred Acre Wood" in their war maps?"

      Candidate Y: green, as that is what A.A. Milne would have wished.
      Candidate X: fluorescent pink - for no particular reason. In order to represent the enemy, as the candidate is cunning and calculating, the enemy would also be represented in pink.

      Candidate Y claims that it is unwise to declare war openly. He prefers covertness and double agents.
      Candidate X wants to get out there and do things.

    4. Votes:
      X Y abstentions
      8 4 1

  15. Huw resigns as undersecretary.

  16. Lucy proposes Angela as under-secretary, seconded by Helen.

  17. Paul proposes James as under-secretary. I can't remember who seconded it, sorry!

  18. Hustings for under-secretary:

    James says that Rabbit is exceedingly organized (attempting to quote from the good book, but unfortunately, being unable to find the right page).

    Angela says that she is a responsible member of the community, like Tigger (!)

  19. Votes for
    James Angela Abstentions
    1 11 0

  20. "What are they doing?" asks Paul as Angela and James take rather a long time to re-enter the room.

  21. Sarah leaves us to complete writing her physiology essay. (I sympathise - Ed.)

  22. Richard is proposed as Treasurer
    for 9, against 2, abstentions 1

  23. Votes to elect Tor's mother as an honorary member for her cake (see earlier).
    For 11, against 0, abstentions 1

  24. "We are a Communist State" pronounces Richard

    1. "Are we just!" exclaims Dominic, rising rapidly from his chair to face Richard, colour rising to his cheeks!(Dominic's not Richard's!)

    2. "Does it really matter?" asks Paul

  25. The Woozle Hunt is to be arranged for Friday 4th November, meeting at 7pm at the Plodge.

  26. Elevenses meeting to be held in Richard's room at 10, Selwyn Gardens at 4pm on Saturday 5th November.

  27. Votes to close the meeting
    For 9, against 1, abstentions 2


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