Minutes of the Elevenses Meeting of 6th November 1994

Present Apologies
Richard (host, 10 Selwyn Gardens)
Dominic (he is sleeping after James' dinner party)
Paul (!)
Emma Sung

  1. Paul declares the meeting open.

  2. Helen reads the minutes of the EGM held last week.

  3. Paul claims that it is Pooh like to drink wild blackcurrant tea. "Sshhhhll says Paul.

  4. "Who gave me the wet mug" asks Richard. Helen says that it is not her fault as it was raining when she arrived.

  5. "How about boiling the water" suggests Alex, as Richard tries to make some tea.

  6. Anne reads the Pooh questionnaire. Helen says that they oversimplify the character of Pooh (who is deep and meaningful, according to Richard) and that we should create our own questionnaire and p/hole everyone in Pembroke with it.

  7. Paul reads chapter 9 from Winnie the Pooh, in which Piglet is entirely surrounded by water (highly appropriate!).

    1. Richard distracts Paul by trying to make Earl Grey tea from tea leaves and water in a saucepan. Paul gives up and Alex takes over.

    2. Richard and Paul act out the story.

    3. Richard suggests that Matt moves his scarf from the floor by the side of the bed.

    4. Paul claims that Alex is making up her own jokes

    5. "It rained and it rained and it rained." Highly appropriate.

    6. People don't like talking about the East and the West Pole.

    7. Paul and Richard communicate by hand signals.

    8. "Piglet finds a bee hive" to sleep in ..... "Buzzzz" goes Richard.

      1. Matt chokes on his tea

    9. Alex assaults Paul with the good book

    10. It becomes increasingly obvious why Paul chose this story a he laughs at the different positions of Pooh and the Floating Bear.

    11. "I wish Dominic was here" says Helen.

    12. Paul eats his 6th biscuit.

    13. "Scooby dooby doo, where are you?" sings Paul.

    14. "They rushed into each others arms". "Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet - the mild cigar" says Richard.

      1. "Happiness is a bowl of cornflakes" says Helen.

      2. "Happiness is a cucumber" says Paul. "Yes, Paul." replies Helen.

    15. Paul is in one of THOSE moods.

    16. "?!" says Alex/Paul/everyone as they try to pronounce it.

    17. "The Brain of Pooh revolved gracefully"

  8. Paul warns Richard that he will get a warning if he doesn't sort out the Treasurer information soon.

  9. Apparently, one T.V. license is needed per lockable room containing a television

  10. Helen proposes that we make Dr Kelly an honourary member as he keeps making gratuitous use of Pooh for no particular reason. (Except Helen doesn't want him to know about it)

    For 3, against 1, abstentions 3

  11. Paul claims that the Sidgwick Site is a carbuncle.

  12. Richard asks what Alex is doing with Ricky the Raccoon. (I thought it was a fox myself)

  13. Paul cuddles Ricky. Matt throws Ricky across the room to Richard.

  14. Richard decides to rename Ricky "Efforll as he now thinks that Ricky might be a fox.

  15. The woozle hunt will be held next friday.

  16. "very muddy" says Paul

  17. "Bollocks" squeaks Helen inconspicuously. (Helen says that she was using a small squeaky voice).

    1. "Bugger" says Paul

  18. Votes to close the meeting
    for 6, against 0, abstentions 1

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