Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie the Pooh society

2nd Saturday before Advent

Present Apologies
Angela host
Matt apologises in advance for future reference

  1. Miscellaneous animal noises echo around the room.

  2. Matt agrees that Pembroke male lst years have been very disappointing too - see minutes of 229 1994

  3. Helen reads the reading: Winnie the Pooh Chapter 3, beginning at the beginning. In which Pooh and Piglet go hunting and nearly catch a Woozle.

  4. James, Tor and DOMINIC collapse with laughter.

  5. Angela's parents and sister arrive and then leave to go shopping.

  6. James has difficulty drinking his tea.

  7. The biscuits were passed round in a clockwise direction.

  8. Pooh went home for it. "yes" says Dominic.

  9. Sarah talks about loo brushes. Apparently, hers hasn't been changed for two weeks. Someone suggests a penance for Stephen .......

  10. Paul threatens James

  11. Penance for James for singing about WTP in an awful fashion with an American accent. He is to move Sarah's loo brush.

    for 8, against 1, abstentions 1

  12. Paul suggests selling it to trough (the loo brush, that is)

  13. Dominic is offended; Matt apologises on behalf of James

  14. "Take it to Mrs Raynham's office" suggests Helen.

  15. Mrs Raynham tends to confuse other peoples property with he own.

  16. Sarah "can't even open the door without standing on a chair

  17. "It was raining last tuesday" says James.
    "It hasn't rained today" says Sarah.
    "If it hasn't rained today then it'll be the first saturday of term that it hasn't rained" says Sarah.

  18. Kanga has a special relationship with Pooh ("Wait for it!" says Dominic). Kanga bathed Piglet.

  19. Penance for Richard for not sending his apologies and not doing anything about being treasurer.

  20. "It's great being bitter and twisted" says Matt.

  21. Dominic says that Tor has it in her to be a serial killer.

  22. Dominic doesn't know him personally.

  23. "Sorry, I can't quite cope today" says Dominic. "I'm absolutely befuddled"

  24. Helen asks Paul if he wants to be a teacher.

  25. Helen has completely ceased to offend Dominic with her vocabulary.

  26. "What a pile of Pooh" said Tor.

  27. Britten and Dominic have a love-hate relationship. Britten had this nasty habit.

  28. Some questions for the questionnaire were made up with the help of Angelals parents.

  29. Meeting closed.

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