Pembroke College, Cambridge
Winnie-The-Pooh Society
Elevenses meeting
7th October 1995 (1st of this year)

Present: James (visiting), Tor, Alex, KirstieB, Helen (back for MPhil, hurrah!), Chris Caroe, Sarah, Stephen, Richard, Damien Savage, Craig Bourne, Alex Scott, Tim Hinks, Tapeni Simokoki, Paulo Canonica, Lisa Hulme, Tom Smith, Paul Abbey, Alan Walker and probably some other people I failed to write down, for which I apologise profusely.

Apologies: Vicky, Huw, John Tresh (Whoever he is)

Minutes of last meeting: The secretary unfortunately left them at home.

  1. Everyone arrives and tries to fit into Alex's quite large room.

  2. All the Freshers are welcomed by our President, Miss Tor Lezemore.

  3. A vote of thanks is proposed and passed to Alex Scott's mum for her delicious hunny cake.

  4. James is nominated to read the first lesson, by Tor.

    "In Which We Are Introduced."

  5. Alex keeps interrupting to ask people if they want any tea.

  6. Tor and James insult each other constantly. Tor is sitting on James' lap.

  7. The usual stream of innuendos is made. ('Bump, bump, bump .........." "Would oya like to watch me have my bath?") The secretary is not sure that things like this should go on in University societies.

  8. Angela realises that wonderful though she is, it is impossible to read and take minutes at the same time. She hands the pad to Helen as she carries on from The (ex) James.

  9. Chocolate fingers circulate the room at eye level.

  10. Helen finishes the reading.

  11. Tor (now being a Philosophisizer) feels that the Society should raise its intellectual level a little. she reads part of the first chapter of "Pooh And The Philosopers" before Pauli (who is not up to that sort of thing) stops her and says it's boring.

  12. Paper projectiles are projected by the unintellectual.

  13. Pauli - "Is anyone actually listening to this?"

  14. Tor tells James to shut up.

  15. Pauli complains that the aim of the WTP Soc. is to avoid work, therefore a philosphosiszeur (ie Tor) should not be allowed to read relevant books at the meeting.

  16. Business.... Sarah was burgled, and among other things was stolen the WTP funds of 10. We agree to impose a Pooh Levy to go towards funds. Pauli pays his 1.

  17. The society owes Tor 3 and Angela 2.

  18. Angela wants to delegate her secretarial duties, after being persuaded not to resign. (Its good to feel wanted anyway.) Alex agrees to help out, being one half of the undersecretary.

  19. We are revolting. (About the constitution which Helen no longer likes because of something to do with the person who wrote it.)

  20. James resigns. He is proposed as an honourary member. 12, 1, 1, carried.

  21. We discuss the viability of a society such as the undoubtedly sad Shiela And Her Dog Soc. One traitor owned up to being on their mailing list.

  22. We will have a Cuppers Pooh Sticks against Caius, and a Varsity match vs. Pembroke College, Some Other Educational Establishment.

  23. The next meeting is a Pooh Sticks Training Session, 4pm at the P'lodge.

  24. Tor wants James. (I don't know what that is all about, but it was written in my notes and looked interesting ...)

  25. The meeting is not closed as the motion was overthrown (0, 2, everyone else)

  26. Hustings for posts must happen in the near future.

  27. Tor and Pauli sumo wrestle for the post of Piglet.

  28. To be continued...

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